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In current society where advertisements like name card printing are visit, representations are utilized in practically any written word that might be of a promoting nature, so the structure and internals of the outlines, procedures, and so forth have additionally gotten one of the key purposes of the publicizing impact.

The selection of delineations is isolated into two classes: truth and reflection. Originators must think about the all inclusiveness or representativeness when they make, so as to turn to the spirit to break down the information, pick the components to be undetectable, and make a blend of imaginative aptitudes of structure and shading; actuate the utilization of everybody's vision and resound with the outline.

Consequently, the delineation is a significant material for framing a character to draw in the vision among the constituent components of the Name Card Printing. Above all, the outline can legitimately communicate the organization's structure or industry to pass on the conceivable perusing impact of the publicizing content.


With this attractive hot stamping name card, customers can easily remember you and your company.

It is known as one of the best of brand recognition tool in the market.

Nowadays, a round-cornered name card is more attractive compare the the traditional sharp-corner name card.

The round-cornered name card can more easily to be aware and found when the name cards are stacked together.

The round and smooth design only little bit more expensive than the normal name card design but it give large impact in terms of the efficiency in delivering message to your clients.

A special name card not only have the inner details, it also need to take care the corner of your name cards.

We also offer the another one of special name card design, which is Hot Stamping name card design.

Hot Stamping name card design has create a shiny and reflective surface of name card.

The colours that Hot Stamping are available are gold and silver and the design can be applied on any logo or wordings of your name card.

It gives a slight touch up to the name card to make its like a premium name card.

✍ These days each business can't without a name card, name card show the character and position of your business and administrations. Without a name card it might absence of expert, in light of the fact that each time you meet an expected customer, you can leave them your name card to have further relationship with them about your business and administrations. Also, our organization give free name card structuring administration and conveying administration, we will ensure that your last result of name card will showed up to your doorstep securely and pleasantly pressed. We completely give you a sensible cost to any name card that arranged in our organization.

Also, we regard all the choice of our client, simply give us what plan in your psyche we will follow precisely the structure you needs and needs, we will tuning in just as understanding client needs and needs is our fundamental obligations and goal. Also, to serve our client wholeheartedly, our organization give free name card structuring administration, the fine art plan by our expert originator will fulfilled you. Subsequently, we additionally give conveying administration to Rawang, we will ensure that your last result of name cards will showed up to your doorstep securely and pleasantly pressed. We totally give you a sensible cost to any name card that arranged in our organization.

Besides, wanna make a customized name card? Indeed, we have the administration, we have six sort of name card, for example, custom name card, spot uv name card, hot stepping name card, round corner name card, twofold sided name card, and single sided name card. Henceforth, you may pick your inclination of the name card type to make a customized name card which speaks to your personality of your business or administration. In the event that you have any enthusiasm towards our name card printing please don't hesitate to What-applications us or email us to realize additional data with respect to the name card printing. We will answer you as quickly as time permits to respond to your inquiries and remember to experience our site to search for tests and past craftsmanship which have done by our organization. we are glad to serve our clients prerequisites since clients' fulfillment will be put as need.

By surface:

It is partitioned by the front and back of the business card printing. Every business card can be imprinted on one side or on the two sides. The quantity of printed surfaces is additionally a main consideration in deciding the cost of business cards.

Single-sided printing:

Just one side of the business card is printed. Basic business cards just need to print one side to completely communicate the importance of business cards. At present, most local business cards are imprinted on one side.

Twofold sided printing:

printing the two sides of the business card. Just when single-sided printing can not completely express the significance of business cards, business cards utilize twofold sided printing has extended the measure of data.

Grouping Criteria of Name Card Business Card

The fundamental contrast between early name card and present day name card is penmanship instead of printing.

In present day society, the utilization of name card is very normal, there are numerous orders, and there is no bound together norm. The most widely recognized groupings are as per the following:

1. As indicated by the reason for name card, name card can be separated into name card, open name card and private concern name card.

2. As indicated by the name card materials and printing techniques, there are three sorts of computerized name card, balance name card and exceptional name card.

3. As indicated by the printing shading, there are four sorts: monochrome, two-shading, shading and real nature.

4. As per the sort of design, there are three kinds of level name card, vertical name card, and collapsing name card.

5. As per the printing surface, there are two sorts of single-sided printing and twofold sided printing. We characterize the above classifications as follows.

Spot UV innovation can be applied on standard name card now! Goodness!

It give the effect on the outside of the name card so it can turn out to be increasingly gleaming and smooth.

Spot UV innovation give a smooth clean up and simple for the clients to perceive your name card.

This cutting edge printing configuration makes a superior quality name card that cause the clients to feel that your image is premium.

Spot UV printing name card will give a solid impression for clients.

They will recollections you and your organization all the more effectively and profoundly.

In this way it is a decent method to support your image in the brain of the clients.

Name card is important for making a good first impression when you introduce yourself to other people. It can improve prestige of company because name card creates a sense of professionalism for your company. Name card also help you to establish your brand or company which can make your company distinguishable more easily. The element that included in a name card such as the personal name, company name, company logo, and contact information. In addition, it also save the budget and suitable for all types of business because the cost of name card is quite low compare with other marketing communication tools.


for various kind of Business Card

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Double-sided Name Card Design, Printing & Delivery to Your Doorstep

We additionally have give the twofold sided highlight to your name card.

It is because of the enormous measure of fundamental data which inaccessible addition in the single-sided name card.

For the reason need the customer to find out about you and your business, you can pick the twofold sided name card to include additional data and insights regarding your business.

Through this twofold side component, they can without much of a stretch access to the name card that you have given to them to discover increasingly about your business.


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Custom Name Card Design, Printing & Delivery Service

Name card printing can be customize designed based on the customers preferences with different shape, sizes, letter styles, fonts, and colours.

Our professional designers will provide the amazing idea on name card design; or else, you also can provide your own creative idea on the customization of name card printing.

Custom name card printing design help your company to get the people attention and also expeditiously deliver the information to the customers.

Single-sided Name Card Design, Printing & Delivery to Your Doorstep

Single-sided name card is the classic name card design and suitable if you want your name card is to simple, authentic and insert light amount of information.

The clear cut design will highlighted the main details and make customers easily to search for important information such as contact number, address and website.

This design is low cost and carries the same purpose which is to deliver the important details about your business to your clients.

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