Spot UV Name Card Printing

Do you feel you need to take your name card to the next level? are you wanting to standout from the crowd but not sure how to? Well, it can be done by including the spot UV into your design. Also referred to as Spot Gloss or Spot Varnish, this effect can completely change the look of your custom designed business card and other printed products such as postcards, presentation folders and flyers. Its is a shiny layer that added to the entire name card design or selected areas. After printing, a clear glossy UV coating can be applied to selected area of the name card. Theses areas can be a logo, photo or even as a blind pattern to create highlights, contrast and dimension. It’s a simple printing process that’s one of the most popular printing techniques available.

As it names, a spot UV is applied to be chosen spots, of a name card. Spot UV has the affect of glossy highlights and draw attention on the name card design and it able to further improve on visual display of having different textures on the printed material. Spot UV Name Card 260 gsm is the most often used in printing spot UV name card as it can create sense of premium with it's custom glossy shape finishing on logo, titles and graphics. For the most of the Spot UV printing, name card or business card and flyers may be the most common usage with the spot UV because when spot UV finishing applied, your business card presentation and beauty will be further enhance compare to your competitors. Besides, spot UV name card printing is not only for beauty and premium appearance but also able to protect the name card. The materials of spot UV name card has a protective layer which able to prevent paper peeling, tearing, scratching and corner bending. Moreover, the protective coating also keeps dirt, dust, grease and grime off of your name card. Thus, spot UV helps to ensure that you will hand prospects a clean, crisp, bright business card that demonstrates how solid and bold your company is. The protective coating is also slick and smooth, so it is heavy enough to represent strength yet smooth enough to represent modern know-how and cutting-edge concepts. It feels good in your customers' hands, and will not only look great when you hand it out but also many months and even years down the road when your customers pull it out to reference you.

A spot UV coating able to enhance your design of name card because it reflects light and makes your color and patterns appear more premium and elegant. UV coating is made of compounds that, when instantly dried under ultra violet light, form a solid layer that prevents fading. When you hand your prospects a slick, glossy business card that exudes confidence, your prospects know they're dealing with someone who means business. In addition, if you're a serious about making sale, a UV coating on your name cards can play no minor role in helping you demonstrate that you are indeed the person your customers should be dealing with, and that your company can deliver on its promises. We glad to offer you the best price for the spot UV printing fee and we have guarantee the quality of the name card. If you are interesting in our printing service, kindly contact us for more details.