📢Balakong Name Card, FREE Design, Printing & Delivery Service to Balakong

📢Our company's mission is to provide the best service to our customers such as there are many name card making options to be chosen by the customers. There are six name card printing types available in our company, which are custom made name card printing, single sided name card printing, double sided name card printing, round corner name card printing, hot stamping name card printing, and spot UV name card printing. Keng provide free design, printing and delivery services to Balakong area.

Customers also able to choose their preference pattern of name card. Custom name card printing which means customers can customize whatever design they want based on their preferences; Spot UV name card printing is the process of UV coating on the name card which makes the name card becomes high gloss shine and glossy appearance; Hot stamping name card printing is a dry printing method of lithography in which pre-dried ink or foils are transferred to a surface at high temperature such as typography, symbol or logo; Round corner name card is another common name card shape you will see in the market, it works pretty well when your design is overall rounded and smooth edges ; Double sided name card which gives you a room to convey information that you think is important to a potential client; Single sided name card means that the information can only be printed on front side of the name card which is suitable to those businesses who have less information to deliver.

Besides, the professional designers employed in our company are full of experience which definitely able to design a perfect a name card that meet your expectations as well as to fulfill your needs and satisfaction. If you are interested to make name card or business card please kindly contact us for more details information. We are glad to serve you by designing an unique and personalized name card by telling us your specific demand. We offer free design, printing and delivery service to Balakong at a price that is affordable to every customers. Welcome to contact us or visiting to our company webpage for more detail information about the name card printing.