📢Dengkil Name Card, FREE Design, Printing & Delivery Service to Dengkil.


📢Looking for name card design and printing service? Keng Design are offering free design, printing and delivery services to Dengkil now! Business name cards remain to be the most widely distributed marketing tool which offers you that much-needed opportunity to make an impression. A good design of name card helps customer to remember you with a good image, and the design of fonts, colours and shape also might bring out the image of your brand and your business.

Professional designers are available in Keng Design so that our design of name card definitely can meet your expectations as well as fulfill your needs and satisfaction. Hence, product or name card designed us definitely will not let you down. You can also tell us your specific demand on designing the name card thereby we can follow your demand to design your personalize name card. We respect our customer’s decision, listening as well as understanding their needs and want is our main responsibilities and objective. There are several types of name card that available in our company which are custom made, spot UV, hot stamping, round corner, double, and single sided name card to fulfill your requirement.

Keng Design also provide first-rate courier service for whole Malaysia. The demand of receiving products by customers within few days is now normal from place to place. Please kindly email us or give us a phone call to inquire for name cards making as well as walk in to our office for further information.