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Nilai Name Card Printing is a small card for a meeting, visiting, or visiting the individual printed on it, with the name, address, job title, phone number, email address, name of the organization, occupation, etc... Name Card Printing is also a way of presenting yourself to the other party.

When built with imagination, their tangibility is also allowing current and prospective customers to remember your company. In addition, there are other options to make a good, long-lasting impression by filling the blank space on your Name Card Printing.


📢Looking for Name Card Printing design and printing service? Keng Design offering free design, printing and delivery services to Bandar Baru Nilai now! Name Card Printing remain to be the most widely distributed marketing tool which offers you that much-needed opportunity to make an impression. A good design of Name Card Printing helps customer to remember you with a good image, design of fonts, colours and shape also might bring out the image of your brand and your business.

With design of Name Card Printing, you might including your business idea, logo, company's details and contact number. This helps customer to reach to your business easier and faster. Our design team always ready for designing in each of the situation. Keng Design offer six types of Name Card Printing printing style or effect in which you can choose any one of it to print a customized Name Card Printing. We have custom Name Card Printing, spot uv Name Card Printing, hot stamping Name Card Printing, round corner Name Card Printing, double sided Name Card Printing, and single sided Name Card Printing. You might choose the design that most suitable for you.

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Design Concept Colour Block Design of Name Card Printing

The colour block has an close relationship to the face and shape. For example, a square is drawn. The square in our consciousness has not yet formed the impression, but we automatically imagine the square is in black colour.

At that time, consciousness of a face rises slowly, the development of face-covered consciousness has its own meaning. From this, it is inferred that shape consciousness is formed in the front, face consciousness is developed in the back, and between the two.

There is also a possibility of consciousness to go back and forth. For an example, when you see the shape,there will be a face first then the color block appears.

There are two types of color blocks which are geometric shapes and non-geometric shapes. The color city of geometric shapes normally has a simple, concise, and bright feeling. The characteristics will be lose when the combination is too complicated.

There is also a possibility of consciousness to go back and forth. For an example, when you see the shape,there will be a face first then the color block appears.

There are two types of color blocks which are geometric shapes and non-geometric shapes. The color city of geometric shapes normally has a simple, concise, and bright feeling. The characteristics will be lose when the combination is too complicated.

Design Concept Color Design of Name Card Printing

Colour is a complicated language. It can express happy and sad emotion. Sometimes it causes people's hearts to florish and sometimes it makes people excited. In order to have an impact on eyesight, colour is also an important element to affect the sensory organs.

For example, yellow brings the feeling of happiness and joy. Tactile can be felt with soft colour, smell can be affect with fragrance colour, both of which can show how complex and diverse the impact of color on human psychology and physiology is. So, it is important for Name Card Printing designers to know what kind of colour is suitable for the company's image as colour is a kind of combined media., it can helps the company can be easy to recognized and identify among the market.

The color intensity does not depend on the size of the area but on the standard configuration impact. The colour can be adjusted by the characteristic of colour, it can also be obtained based the size and position of the colour.

Colour taboo are not important for the people nowadays, they are more prefer to do combination between colours. As long as consumers feel good, they can grasp the application of Name Card Printing colors successfully; or else, if they do not use the color wisely, or do the color combination wrongly, even if it is a good the content, it still cannot attract everyone's attention to the content of the Name Card Printing.

So when choosing the color of the Name Card Printing's original color paper mark, you need to consider the ingenuity of the design carefully, otherwise the spread of the Name Card Printing can destroy personal or corporate image.

Consider your Name Card Printing market

The founder of Small Business Center, a small business consulting firm, Alfred Poor said: "You have to consider the audience." "B2B cards are very different from the cards you will use for consumers. It is very different from legal items."

Before you start designing and ordering Name Card Printing as with any marketing campaign, please think about the following questions:

-Are your customers mainly consumers or businesses?

-Do you provide services or products?

-Who do you need to attract?

-How do you want the person to feel or think when trying to carry your card?

-What actions do you want the Name Card Printing to encourage? Do you want the recipient to visit your website and order products, call you to make a reservation, visit a store or restaurant to buy goods or other goods?

Your answers to these questions will directly affect your decision on Name Card Printing.

5 major trends in Name Card Printing design and printing

Your Name Card Printing is also one of the marketing material that customers first see before deciding to follow up or purchase for many business experts. Therefore, the company strives to make a completely different and unique Name Card Printing and stand out from their competitors. When you combine unique needs with the many options offered by modern technology, you can design and print unique Name Card Printing. Perhaps the most versatile marketing material, Name Card Printing Print still follow contemporary trends, which will make your brand look fresh and interesting. Detailed introduction to the five Name Card Printing design and printing trends that you can use to differentiate companies nowadays is as followed:

1. Interactive Name Card Printing

Common Name Card Printing is rapidly expanding because of business experts replace digital marketing with printing activities. The examples of interactive Name Card Printing are QR codes augmented reality, scannable phone numbers on smartphones and social media .

2. Minimalist Name Card Printing

Concentration is the most important. Therefore, an excellent Name Card Printing design strategy is simplicity.

3. Printing Name Card Printing

Printing technology is always evolving, and the design can include visual effects and trademark tools. When your layout represents most visual elements, your Name Card Printing will become outstanding, grab the attention, and be easy to remember.

4. Square Name Card Printing

Last year, I strictly printed a square Name Card Printing for the distribution of online activities, and the response was surprising. I sent someone to replace the comment, and received more follow-up calls than the previous online activities. My slogan is that my company is different, and the square reinforces this concept.

5. Unique die-cut Name Card Printing

Die-cut Name Card Printing already exists, but the combination of current die-cutting technology with the simultaneous die-cut printing makes them more popular than ever. Die-cutting makes your business unique, something that other design and printing technologies cannot. Mainly because you can create custom die-cut shapes that are relevant to your business and are hard to ignore.

What type of Name Card Printing?

Classic design is the best choice if you are from conservative industry, or you're looking for simple Name Card Printing. Without any artistic elements, the card contains all the basic information necessary. High-quality paper can be used to attract people. Classic Name Card Printing is the perfect alternative if you want to go beyond professional ones.

Wild format Name Card Printing is suitable for use if you are looking for something unique. Brochure can be converted if you are using foldable design. Another choice is make a smaller size of Name Card Printing. These are good ways to make your Name Card Printing noticeable but consideration must be given to how to store Name Card Printing.

You can design Name Card Printing for users who only communicate with social networks, which contain only social network pages. Some people don't connect with possible partners using their phone or postal address. If you are such a person, you do not need to provide any contact information you do not wish to use.

When creating a Name Card Printing one of the most important things to note is that it will make it easier for people to interact with you. You should include the URL of your Facebook page and Twitter account for people who spend hours on social networks. You may also provide your IM details when printing a Name Card Printing.

Name Card Printing can also take the form of items similar to the types of services and goods that you offer. If you force the automotive industry you can shape the Name Card Printing like a car. This type of card is sure to impress.