Safety and Health Care Name Card Printing

The knowledge of safety and healthy is very important for us, with the knowledge we able to prevent and protect yourself from danger. How do we create awareness for a safety and health campaign effectively other then using poster, banner or bunting, we actually can use name card as a tool to promote the campaign, because an attractive name card people will keep it other then throw it away. Besides, the detail of the campaign can be include in the name card, people get awareness about the issue you gonna promote. It able to increase the participants for a campaign because information of venue, time and date are included in it.

Moreover, there are six types of name card printing style or effect in which you can choose any one of it to print a personalize name card for your home-stay. We have custom name card, spot uv name card, hot stamping name card, round corner name card, double sided name card, and single sided name card. Custom name card means that you may customize your name card by telling us your requirements or demands; Spot UV name card refers to a process of UV coating on the name card which presents high gloss shine and glossy appearance; Hot stamping name card can be either gold stamping or silver stamping which can be applied on the name card; Round corner name card means that the corner of name card is designed in round corner shape; Double sided name card can put more information than single sided name card because information will be printed on both front and back side compare to single sided name card. Hence, you may choose your preference printing style to make a personalize name card which represents your services.

A beauty aesthetic name card will make a favorable first impression for other people when you introduce yourself or your services by giving them the name card. Professional designers are available in our company so that the design of name card definitely can meet your expectations as well as fulfill your needs and satisfaction. Our designers expert using the Photoshop editor software to design the name card since they are graduated from Top University of Malaysia. Hence, product or name card designed by them definitely will not let you down. You can also tell us your specific demand on designing the name card thereby we can follow your demand to design your personalize name card.Please do not hesitate to What-apps us or email us to know further information regarding name card printing. We will reply you as soon as possible to answer your questions.