Boutique Name Card Printing

A boutique refers to a small store that sell stylish clothing, jewellery, or other usually luxury goods. Some multi-outlet businesses especially for chains stores can be referred to as boutiques if they target small, upscale market niches. Although some boutiques are specialised in hand-made items and other unique products, others simply produce T-shirts, stickers, and other fashion accessories in artificially small runs and sell them at high prices. However, in Malaysia, boutique normally refers to retail stores which sell fashionable and stylish clothing but unnecessary in high price or expensive. Not only selling blouses, t-shirts, jackets, jeans, denim, skirts, dress, heels and shoes, boutique will also provide shirt matching services, tailoring services and etc. Often, the owner of the boutique itself will be the fashion consultant of his or her customers. To let customers get to them easily, name card is one of the best way to deliver important details and contact information.

Name card of boutiques will normally made with front-line fashion design which could resemble the taste and the nature of the business brand. Some will be made in simple, neat and clear-cut design where there are only one colour applied on the name card. On the other hand, some prefer elegant and smooth design with round-cornered name card combines with soft tone colours. Name card could also be customised into the shape of gown, dresses or shoes, and whatever creative idea our customers could think of or ask for. We will do our best in coping with their ideas and create a wonderful and good-looking name card. Customers also could select to make their name card either for single-sided only to save up cost or double-sided to insert and embed more details on it. Other than name, contact details and address wording, some would like to attach a map which could lead the path of their customers to their boutique.

Name cards are meant to deliver important message and mainly contact information of the particular person or business. In addition, name cards also can be spread among your customers when they ask each other about your business. It is very easy and convenient as it is just a simple piece of name cards. We provide free name card designing service and also provide delivering service which only charge a little more cost. We will make sure that your final product of name cards will arrived at your place safely and nicely packed. Email us or give us a phone call to know more about the materials and price of name cards printing. Also, don't forget to go through our website to look for samples and previous artwork which have done by our company. Feel free to ask more as we are happy to serve our customers like friends.