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Name Card Printing's elegant and thoughtful nature draws the eye and makes a good impression on the product. A company logo that shows product information elegantly and uses the right brand colors and fonts will certainly give your Name Card Printing Print a professional look. Looking for interesting ideas to design your Name Card Printing?


Making Process Printing of Name Card Printing

There are currently three kinds of Name Card Printing printing, the simplest of which is laser printing, followed by offset printing and the most complicated is silkscreen printing. Laser and offset printing are commonly used today, though screen printing is fairly uncommon.

1. Laser Printing:

It is nowadays the most commonly used method of printing. Offset printing and screen printing are both inseparable from laser printing, and laser printing both contributes to their simple plate creation. Current laser printing can be divided into two types: black and color, and computer Name Card Printing of different grades can be produced respectively.

2. Offset Printing:

It is the current standard approach of printing a Name Card Printing. Its use is much more complex than that of Name Card Printing with computers. Next, the crafted Name Card Printing template should be printed on the transfer paper or printed into a film, and then the transfer paper or film should be used with the printing press Print the Name Card Printing template for Name Card Printing on the PS printing plate, and the printed PS plate should be mounted on the Name Card Printing offset press to print.

3. Screen Printing:

It is rarely used in Name Card Printing printing, because it is not suitable for printing on paper. Screen printing is the same as offset printing, you must either print on the transfer paper the crafted Name Card Printing template, or print the film, and then use a special screen printing machine to move the transfer paper or Name Card Printing template to the film.Go to the screen printing plate, and then install the screen printing machine on the screen printing machine to print.

Making Process Printing Options of Name Card Printing

In selecting the Name Card Printing printing process, you will need to select the amount of times the Name Card Printing are printed, which is also the color of the Name Card Printing to be printed. The Name Card Printing color is also one of the important indicators for determining the Name Card Printing price.You would need to choose the number of times the Name Card Printing are printed, which is also the color of the Name Card Printing to be printed, when selecting the Name Card Printing printing process. The color of the Name Card Printing is also an important indicator for determining the price of the Name Card Printing.

1. Color selection: To assess various printing times, the color of the Name Card Printing can be divided into single colour, double colour, color and true colour. Because the three primary colors may form a color, there is no black in the pure color pattern, and no black color image. It's not full colour. The color pattern we always say consists of four shades, which are also known as true colour. Although some offset Name Card Printing do not carry images, they are also made up of three colors, which are also color Name Card Printing; such a choice is no longer necessary in computer digital Name Card Printing.

2. Single-sided and double-sided selection: The option of single-sided and double-sided Name Card Printing printing is also a preference of printing times. The Name Card Printing printing surface is directly tied to the size.

Size Specification Drawing Section of Name Card Printing

1. The thickness of the wire frame should not be less than 0.1 mm for all input or self-drawn line color blocks and other images, otherwise the printed image would be broken or unable to show up.

2. If the wire frame is set to "Zoom with Image," please carefully check it after the manuscript is finished, otherwise an irregular wire frame may be formed during output printing.

3. Please convert the layered objects to a bitmap when they are placed in the frame for precise clipping, because if the positioned frame is rotated after grouping with other objects, the direction of the layered layer will not rotate together.

4. For any gradient object, the "edge width" can not be set, because the output machine 's interpretation is different, which sometimes causes insufficient filling of the gradient edge.

Are you looking for advertising tools in promoting your business or service ? Handing out a Name Card Printing, though, is a good to way to develop human connections. Our company is ready to serve you in creating a Name Card Printing. A Name Card Printing give you an opportunities to continue the conversation with people interested in what you do. Hence, you should have an emotion-evoking Name Card Printing in order to create recognition toward your business.

There are several important contact information have to included to deliver to public onto the Name Card Printing such as personal name, company name, address, logo, contact information like email address, Facebook page, and telephone number. You may introduce yourself or your company as well as a business by hand out your personalized Name Card Printing. Name Card Printing able to reach a large amount of target audience shortly and effectively. The customers can make a phone call by refer to the contact number that put on the Name Card Printing as well as to know more about your company by searching your contact information. Hence, make a Name Card Printing which can include all necessary information can make people know your business company well so that your company popularity will be increased. Even Name Card Printing is in a small piece, but it able to create a huge impact due to Name Card Printing act as a reminder or to help people to recall back who you are and what business that you involved in. This is because Name Card Printing included all the important contact information about yourself or your company.

We will provide you various type of advertising service such as Name Card Printing making as long as you request the service from us no matter what kind of business or sectors you involve in. Your first impression will be made when you handling out a creativity and smartly Name Card Printing to your clients, customers or others. There are professional designers employed in our company are glad to discuss with you about your requirements in designing Name Card Printing like, concepts, color, printing types and materials. For Name Card Printing printing type, we offer six Name Card Printing printing types. For instance, custom Name Card Printing printing, single sided Name Card Printing printing, double sided Name Card Printing printing, round corner Name Card Printing printing, hot stamping Name Card Printing printing and spot uv Name Card Printing printing. And, there are professional editing software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop will be used by our designers to help you design a creative, unique and emotion-evoking Name Card Printing. Hence, you may choose your preference printing style to make a personalize Name Card Printing which represents your business nature. Please do not hesitate to What-apps us or email us to know further information regarding Name Card Printing printing. Other than that, we also provide delivery service to Sri Petaling. Our delivery service partners Skynet Express and Poslaju Nation Courier are pleased to serve you by energy access.

Size Specification Manuscript Section of Name Card Printing

1. Standard size of Name Card Printing: 90mm × 54mm 90mm × 50mm 90mm × 45mm.

However, plus 2mm for the upper, lower, left and right sides of the bleeding, the production size must be set to: 94 × 58mm / 94mm × 54mm / 94mm × 49mm.

In addition:

Horizontal version: 90 * 55mm <square corner> 85 * 54mm <round corner>

Vertical version: 50 * 90mm <square corner> 54 * 85mm <round corner>

Square version: 90 * 90mm 95 * 95mm

2. If the finished product is larger than the size of a Name Card Printing, please indicate the correct size you want. The sides upper, lower, left, and right are also 2 mm each.

3. The color mode should be CMYK and the image file should be above 350dpi.

4. There is no need to draw cross lines and cutting lines when the manuscript is completed.

Size Specification Content Section of Name Card Printing

1. To avoid cutting the text during cutting, the copy layout should be more than 3mm away from the cutting line.

2. After confirmation of the manuscript, the text should be converted to curves or outlines to avoid garbled characters, since the font can not be found during the plate making output.

3. Please do not set system characters when entering text. When used it will cause white nodes at the stroke intersection. Please do not set the text as overprint and fill in at the same time.

Design Concept Frame Shading of Name Card Printing

Decorative frames and coloring are the components of graphic design; they are not necessary materials in Name Card Printing design, they are mostly for decorative purposes.

The design of a Name Card Printing must first grab the attention of readers so that the readers can focus on the content of the Name Card Printing; thus, a straight line or shading in the Name Card Printing is often defensive and sometimes difficult.

With regard to decorative frames, the role of decorative frames in the arrangement is to regulate the width of the field of vision of the readers in order to achieve the aim of understanding the content; but if the decorative frame is too large, it will tend to stimulate the eyes of the reader and attract attention.

Therefore, there should be no resistance to the decoration of the Name Card Printing, and it is better to use soft lines, and then induce the eyesight to move towards the internal theme.

Because of the decorative frame and the bottom spinning are mainly for decorative purposes, the application of color must be based on the principle that the effect of the text does not affect. In order to obtain a clear Name Card Printing function, the main relationship and auxiliary relationship should be separated, otherwise the readers will not interested to the content when the text and the decorative frame and shadow mixed together.