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Brickfields Name Card Printing is a small card for a meeting, visiting, or visiting the individual printed on it, with the name, address, job title, phone number, email address, name of the organization, occupation, etc... Name Card Printing is also a way of presenting yourself to the other party.

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Name Card Printing also called as business card. It provides promotional opportunities to a product, business or service. Obviously, you promote your small business when hand out a Name Card Printing to your customers or clients. A Name Card Printing help lets you tell your prospective customers or clients why they should call you. So, it takes a step further and turn your Name Card Printing into a promotional item that will serve as a visible daily reminder of your business.

Nowadays, Name Card Printing serves as one of the well-known promotional marketing tools for boosting the business brand awareness as well as popularity at the short time by personalizing clear and simple contact information and details on the Name Card Printing for delivering it to the targeted clients. This allow your clients to contact you easier if they wanted to look for you when they are in need. As a full service of advertising company, we are confident we can help you to create a perfect Name Card Printing based on your needs and requirements such as Name Card Printing design, printing style and materials. And, we will satisfy all your demands in short period from creating a Name Card Printing design to printing and delivery service.

Our customers may come to consult our professional designers to get the best information or design ideas in making their Name Card Printing. We are pleased to provide various design options for your Name Card Printing by delivering you the most useful information and messages like there are six types of Name Card Printing printing style. For example, single and double sided Name Card Printing printing, hot-stamping Name Card Printing printing which comes with gold and silver stamping, Spot UV Name Card Printing printing, custom Name Card Printing printing and round corner Name Card Printing printing. In addition, our customers are welcome to inquire your desired outcome as well as the Name Card Printing that you envision in your mind too. Our customers are allowed to evaluate their Name Card Printing design before going to making process. We able to carry up the job on time as well as complete them perfectly and satisfy your requirements.

Also, our Name Card Printing is made with the sharp, eye-catching and advertorial materials which it is according to the demand of clients. Designing a smart signage with a little creativity capable to improve the brand awareness and popularity as well as to fulfill our customers' expectation and satisfaction towards our products and services. Customers able to remember who you are and your business brands, products and services by a unique look of Name Card Printing as it able to reflect your company identity of business nature. There are delivery service will be provided by us in order to convenient our customers in receiving their products. Our partners which are Poslaju Nation Courier and Skynet Express pleased to serve you by provided the best delivery service.

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Global Variations of Name Card Printing

In Japan the Name Card Printing is named "Famous Thorn." Generally the Name Card Printing is at the top of the largest print format, then the work title and finally the personal name. This knowledge is written with Japanese characters, and is normally Latin characters on the reverse. Meishi can usually also include QR codes to provide contact details in a condensed order of the machine, has not become a standard procedure yet. Less than 3 per cent of Japanese people had meishi printed with QR codes, according to a 2007 survey.

The card must be put in the top two corners, face up and flipped, it can be read by the person who receives the master brake, then use both hands to grab it in the bottom two corners. Putting your finger on the name or other detail is rude and insulting.After receiving the "Famous Teacher", people are expected to read the card and designate the person's name and grade. Then, another person should be thanked, say "choudai itashimasu" ("I accept your Name Card Printing") or "choudai shimasu", and bow. For example, when meishi is exchanged between different parties, between the company's president and middle managers, it is appropriate for some merged individuals to improve their Name Card Printing in such a way that they are in a higher position. The artificial meishi is as below.

Meishi should be located in a smart holster that won't warm up or wear, both of which are considered to be signs of lack of respect or neglect. The famous poems that have been received should not be written on the pocket or in the pocket; if meishi is placed on the table, the receiver places it on top of the holster until they leave the table.If the meeting is attended by several people and one person receives many other meishis, the person with the highest rank is placed on the leather box and another person is placed on the table.

The way in which the receiver handles the meishi of the presenter indicates how the receiver will treat the presenter. Acts like folding the card in half, or putting the name of the presenter in the back pocket are considered insulting.

Japanese executives or officials usually have two names: one is Japanese, used by Japanese compatriots, and the other is used by foreigners whose names are in Spanish (last name).

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3 Reasons Why You Need Name Card Printing?

Name Card Printing are still the golden way to communicate, and even many self employed people are using social media as their key online channel, but good communication between the elderly and the people is still the golden door to draw prospective consumers.

This is a private matter

We judge people by their looks, as do most people. Your brand identity will show up through your look and dress up, but there's no need to stop it. You can add another element to your personal brand when you have a Name Card Printing, that is, personal style. By design, it helps your existing customers or prospective consumers to understand you and your brand more. Not only can your Name Card Printing allow your person to contact you again, but it can also let them know you 're serious about your work. Having a Name Card Printing not only shows the contacts on your favorite social media account, it has a personal charm as well.

Make you more memorable

An excellent design of a Name Card Printing can accomplish two things at once to make you memorable and to show off your design skills. When trying to get in touch with you the card recipient is very important. Name Card Printing with useful features and eye-catching characteristics can make a person feel good enough to justify it. It makes you look expert, which is what any business person or freelancer wants.

Create awareness for your service

Since a Name Card Printing is a perfect way to show your design skills and make you look more professional and superior, it can also raise knowledge of your service. Name Card Printing will make you stand out among prospective consumers and those you want to continue growing business in the future.

Overall, Name Card Printing are a perfect tool for getting involved and communicating. So take a glance at our recommendations and select a design for a Name Card Printing that can benefit from a 20 percent discount for reading this post.

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◒ By color

It is divided according to the color of the printing ink. One more printing is required every time a color is added to the Name Card Printing printing. The color is also one of the factors to determine the price of the Name Card Printing. Three colors can form a color. You have to use four colors to make a true color if you want full and realistic colors. The simple color matching of offset printing Name Card Printing, as long as printing three times, is also known as color Name Card Printing.

⊜ Monochrome:

Printing Name Card Printing in one color only. Traditional Name Card Printing are rarely used on the front side, and those who need it are mostly for temporary use. A large amount of monochrome printing is used because of the back of Name Card Printing is not the main viewing surface.

⊛ Two-color:

Printing Name Card Printing in secondary colors only. Because two-color Name Card Printing can already embody simple logos and the prices of this type of Name Card Printing are moderate, most modern offset Name Card Printing use two-color printing.

⊚ Color:

Offset printed Name Card Printing and color computer Name Card Printing printed three times without or with light-colored pictures. Because the use of tri-color can make the Name Card Printing logo get better play, most companies that focus on external image use tri-color Name Card Printing. The three-color Name Card Printing is expensive because of its complicated overprinting and large loss. Some three-color Name Card Printing need to print light-colored pictures, making plate making difficult, and the price is slightly higher than ordinary three-color Name Card Printing.

⊙ True color:

Offset printed Name Card Printing with pictures, Name Card Printing output by color laser printers and silk-screen printed Name Card Printing printed more than three times. True color Name Card Printing are the highest grade of Name Card Printing printing, which makes the entire Name Card Printing design ideas can be perfectly reflected. If you want to print pictures for offset Name Card Printing, you have to use a film plate making so that the details of the pattern can be well expressed.

With the popularization of color laser printers in digital Name Card Printing systems, this classification has become less and less. Because as the most advanced color laser printer, you can make all kinds of Name Card Printing at will. There is no problem and difficulty in printing in several colors.

◔ According to layout

Due to the different layouts of the usage methods, Name Card Printing can be made in different styles. According to whether they can be folded, Name Card Printing paper can be divided into ordinary Name Card Printing and folding Name Card Printing. Ordinary Name Card Printing can also be divided into horizontal Name Card Printing and vertical Name Card Printing by according to the different bottom surfaces of printing references.

1. Horizontal Name Card Printing: Name Card Printing method with wide side as low and narrow side as high. The most commonly used Name Card Printing method because of their convenient design and cheap typesetting.

2. Vertical Name Card Printing: Use the Name Card Printing with the narrow side as the low side and the wide side as the high side. Vertical Name Card Printing are not suitable for personalized Name Card Printing design because of their complicated layout and few reference design materials.

3. Folded Name Card Printing: A foldable Name Card Printing with half the information recording area than a normal Name Card Printing.

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Classification Criteria

The main difference between early Name Card Printing and modern Name Card Printing is handwriting rather than printing.

In modern society, the use of Name Card Printing is quite common, there are many classifications, and there is no unified standard. The most common classifications are as follows:

1. According to the purpose of Name Card Printing, it can be divided into Name Card Printing, public Name Card Printing, and personal Name Card Printing.

2. According to the Name Card Printing printing materials and printing methods, there are three types of Name Card Printing which are digital Name Card Printing, offset Name Card Printing and special Name Card Printing.

3. According to the printing color, there are four types: monochrome, two-color, color, and true color.

4. According to the type of layout, there are three types of horizontal Name Card Printing, vertical Name Card Printing, and folding Name Card Printing.

5. According to the printing surface, there are two types of single-sided printing and double-sided printing.

Introduction of Name Card Printing

They are shared out for convenience and memory during the official introduction. Generally Name Card Printing contain the name, organization or business association of the provider (generally with a logo) and typical contact details such as street address , telephone number, fax number , email address and website. Name Card Printing can also include telex information prior to the advent of electronic communications.Now, they may include addresses on social media , such as Facebook, LinkedIn , and Twitter. In the past, many cards on a white film are simple black text, and the cards printed from the embossed plate have a distinctive look and feel that is a sign of ideal professionality. Technical Name Card Printing typically include one or more eye-catching graphic design aspects.