Sungai Long Name Card Printing is a small card for a meeting, visiting, or visiting the individual printed on it, with the name, address, job title, phone number, email address, name of the organization, occupation, etc... Name Card Printing is also a way of presenting yourself to the other party.





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What is the standard Name Card Printing printing Size?

Size in Millimeter (mm) = 54mm x 88mm

Size in Centimeter (cm) = 5.4cm x 8.8cm

Size in Inch (") = 2.12598" x 3.46457"

Width & Height depends on your Name Card Printing printing design Portrait or Landscape Display

Print standard size is also one of the easiest ways to make a good first impression, like Name Card Printing which is 54mm x 88mm. But if you really want to become more outstanding, you can think about one of the many custom-shaped Name Card Printing available in our company which known as die-cut Name Card Printing. A die-cut Name Card Printing has the advantage of being special and grab the eyesight of others. 

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What type of Name Card Printing Printing?

Classic design is the best choice for you iyou are looking for simple Name Card Printing or you are from a conservative industry. The card contains all the basic information necessary without any artistic elements. High-quality paper can be used to attract people. If you want to go beyond professional, the ideal choice is classic Name Card Printing.

Name Card Printing in wild format is suitable for you if you are looking for something special. Brochure can be made when you are using foldable style Name Card Printing. Another option is a smaller Name Card Printing which is smaller than the standard size. These are good ways to make your Name Card Printing noticeable but consideration must be given on how to Name Card Printing can be stored.

You can design Name Card Printing which contains only social network pages for users who only connect with social networks. Any people do not connect with possible partners using their phone or postal address. If you are such a person, you do not need to include any contact details you do not intend to use. When creating a Name Card Printing one of the most important things to note is that it will make it easy for people to interact with you. You should include the URL of your Facebook page and Twitter account for people who spend hours on social networks. You can also include your Name Card Printing information in your IM.

Name Card Printing can also take the form of objects, which are related to the types of services and products you provide. If you force the auto industry, the Name Card Printing can be shaped like a car. This type of card will definitely impress.

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Production Process of Name Cards Printing

Name Card Printing are seems easy and small, but actually it is a bit complicated to create them. Here is the reason. There are a lot of steps before the Name Card Printing deliver to you. At the same time, you need to take part in the preparatory work of making Name Card Printing

Before you start printing the Name Card Printing, you need to what is the method for printing the Name Card Printing, the level of difficulty in printing, and material of the Name Card Printing, especially the Name Card Printing with higher requirements and complicated.

It is also a complicated progress when it comes to post-processing of Name Card Printing. This procedure required professional equipment and skilled operators. Long time ago, we had to go to a Name Card Printing printing shop to print the Name Card Printing by ourselves, and we need to go back there many times just for the one single box of Name Card Printing

We are lucky that everything become more easier with the help of Internet. We can enjoy our coffee and find the best way to make Name Card Printing in the same time. If there is no example of Name Card Printing you prefer, you can also prepare your own Name Card Printing designs with your own ideas.

By designing your own Name Card Printing, you can skip the part of proofreading. In the meanwhile you done designing the Name Card Printing, you may want to find out the process of creating the Name Card Printing. We will continue the explanation at below.

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📤 Bandar Sungai Long is encompassed in our area. Our company had come up with a free business Name Card Printing design and deliver service that ensure that the final product will deliver at your doorstep in no time. As an essential Name Card Printing company in Malaysia, Bandar Sungai Long Name Card PrintingFREE Design, Printing & Delivery Service to Bandar Sungai Long, we are satisfied to introduce dissimilar design choice of Name Card Printing for your company for deliver your the superb details to the aimed audiences with an reasonable price for each Name Card Printing that you requested in our company.

When a Name Card Printing is effected of the desired result that is designed, you are entitled to present your brand's messages, persona and standard firmly that are consequences on how recipients perspective on your business. Professional designers are acquired in our company in order of seniority that the Name Card Printing will encounter the expectation as well as manage your necessity and desires. We can covenant you that the Name Card Printing designed by our company will never fall short your expectation. We will be pleasant if you could precise your order on the designing which we can take as an example.

If you have any further requirements or requests, please do not hesitate to correspondence with our team through Whatsapp or email us. We will get back to you as soon as possible and do visit our websites for samples which might set your interest. We are joyous to help our customer with regard, listening, in addition, understanding their desires and necessity is our fundamental objective.

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◑ By Material

It is divided according to the carrier used by the Name Card Printing. The most common carrier for Name Card Printing is Name Card Printing paper, but Name Card Printing paper is not the only carrier. Name Card Printing can also be made using other materials. Name Card Printing paper also adopts different specifications due to the different printing methods of laser printing and offset printing.

◉ Digital Name Card Printing: 

Name Card Printing made with computers and laser printers. The characteristics are: the use of special computer Name Card Printing paper, pre-press and printing work can be completed by computer and printer. Simple processing is required after printing, the printing time is short, and waiting is desirable. At present, color lasers are mostly used for output abroad, and various special Name Card Printing can be produced according to user needs. The production effect is better than other Name Card Printing. It is currently the most popular type of Name Card Printing in the world.
⊜ Offset Name Card Printing: 

Name Card Printing printed with a Name Card Printing offset press. The use of special boxed Name Card Printing paper, the printing is more random, the quality is acceptable, and the box can be delivered after printing are the characteristics. However, offset Name Card Printing are complicated to print,  they have many printing processes, and have long delivery cycles, and must be operated by professionals. Before color laser printers were launched, they were mainly offset Name Card Printing, which have been replaced by digital Name Card Printing.
⦿ Special Name Card Printing: 

Name Card Printing printed by a screen printing machine in other carriers than paper. Can use metal, plastic and other carriers, using screen printing, Name Card Printing grade is high, printing cost is also high, printing cycle is long, the price is higher than paper Name Card Printing, mostly for personal Name Card Printing, the use is not common. Name Card Printing are colorful, but the resolution is not as good as paper Name Card Printing.

◍ Color  Name Card Printing: 

The Name Card Printing printed by the printing machine is mainly printed with 300g copperplate paper and then cut into small Name Card Printing. It is divided into two kinds of dumb glue and photo glue. The printing color effect is exactly the same as that of general printing, and the color is rich. The price is low and there is a tendency to replace ordinary Name Card Printing.

◐ By use

It is divided according to the purpose of using the Name Card PrintingName Card Printing is mainly produced for communication. Due to the underdevelopment of economy and transportation in the past, people cannot communicated widely, and the demand for Name Card Printing is not large. With the reform and opening up in the Mainland, population movements have accelerated, and people-to-people exchanges have increased. The use of  Name Card Printing has begun to increase. Especially in recent years, with economic development, information has begun to develop, and Name Card Printing used for commercial activities have become the mainstream of the market. There are two ways for people to interact, one is communication between friends, the other is communication between workplaces, one is commercial and the other is non-commercial, which becomes the basis for Name Card Printing classification.

    ⊛ Name Card Printing: 

Name Card Printing used in business activities for companies or enterprises, most of which are used for profit. The main characteristics of Name Card Printing are: Name Card Printing often use logos, registered trademarks, printed with business scope, large companies have a unified Name Card Printing printing format, use higher-grade paper, Name Card Printing without private family information, mainly used for business activities.
    ⊚ Public Name Card Printing : 

It is a type of Name Card Printing that used by the government or social groups in foreign exchanges. The use of Name Card Printing is not for profit. The main characteristics of public Name Card Printing are: Name Card Printing often use signs, some are printed with external service scope, there is no unified Name Card Printing printing format, Name Card Printing printing strives for simple and applicable, pay attention to personal titles and job titles, there is no private family information in the Name Card Printing, mainly used for foreign exchange with service.

    ⊙ Personal Name Card Printing :

A type of Name Card Printing that used by friends to exchange feelings and meet new people. The main characteristics of personal Name Card Printing are: Name Card Printing do not use logos, personalized Name Card Printing design, free to play, often printed with personal photos, hobbies, titles, and occupations, use Name Card Printing paper according to personal preferences, Name Card Printing contain private family information, mainly used for friends exchange and publicity. 

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