Bandar Puteri Puchong Name Card Printing is a small card for a meeting, visiting, or visiting the individual printed on it, with the name, address, job title, phone number, email address, name of the organization, occupation, etc... Name Card Printing is also a way of presenting yourself to the other party.





Basic Explanation


Making Process Content of Name Card Printing

If you want to print Name Card Printing, you need to decide what you want to show on the Name Card Printing.The information is provided on the main body of Name Card Printing. Details about the Name Card Printing consists mainly of text , pictures (patterns), and logos of the units. Digital information is one of those, too, but it can not be the standard of Name Card Printing


1. Information selection: Most of the text information consists of the name of the unit, name of the Name Card Printing holder, title and contact method. Some Name Card Printing have a company theme, a range of text options, the slogan of a unit or supporting names.

2. Logo selection: If users of the unit have their own company logo, they mostly need to print Name Card Printing. If your company is a big national company, our database may contain your company logo, you can choose from it; if you do not have your own logo, you must notify us. If you consent to our logo collection, you can print your Name Card Printing without sending the logo next time.

3. Picture selection: You can also add some of your details like personal photos, pictures, shading, calligraphy works and simple maps on the Name Card Printing so that your Name Card Printing will be more personal. You no need to think about the size of pictures when you use offset printing or laser printing. But, we are suggest you to use a larger picture to prevent the the pictures become lower resolution when you want to use screen printing.

Making Process Design of Name Card Printing

You need to find a Name Card Printing template you like for your Name Card Printing if you want to have your own Name Card Printing. You can design the template by yourself if you did not find a template that you like. And if you feel like you do not have the idea to create a template, you can ask us to help you in design the template too, but you need to provide a draft for us and the cost you think you can it is suitable for your Name Card Printing.

1. Use template: 

You no need to worry about the templates this is because our Name Card Printing center can provides you to choose among a lot of beautiful Name Card Printing we designed and printed in the past by based on the way we print. At the same time, we will update the templates by delete the outdated templates and add in new ones. We are also authorized to temporarily store your Name Card Printing templates if you are a member of ours and have printed Name Card Printing in our companySo, when you want to make an order next time, you can just tell us the name and password.

2. Design by yourself: 

It is not a problem but the perfect option that you making your own Name Card Printing, because you are the one who understand what you need to show up in the Name Card Printing. You can design based on your preference, you also no need to do the proofreading and the time of delivery your Name Card Printing will be shorter. Joyinker is the suggested Name Card Printing designer from us in the market. This is because you can have your own Name Card Printing by just doing some simple steps, you can also provide your favorite Name Card Printing template. It introduces the integrated and easy steps of its own design, online uploading orders, online payment, and home delivery, which really satisfy the social needs by getting their own Name Card Printing without going out.


Making Process of Name Card Printing 

Printing Method

Before you print your own Name Card Printing, you need to decide what is the way to print the Name Card Printing. This is  because different ways to print the Name Card Printing will decide the use of different Name Card Printing carriers, and also it will affects the cost of printing Name Card Printing

Printing Options

You also need to decide how many times you wanted to print on the Name Card Printing after you have chosen the way you print the Name Card Printing. This is because colour of the Name Card Printing is also one of the important factors to decide the price of the Name Card Printing

Name Card Printing Content

You need to deiced what you want to print on the Name Card Printing too when you if you want to print Name Card Printing. The information that you want to show to others is on the main body of Name Card Printing. The information of Name Card Printing are mostly composed with text, pictures (patterns), and unit logos. Digital information is one of them as well, but it cannot be the mainstream of Name Card Printing

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There are white-collar designers which are attainable in our company in order for the Name Card Printing will meet on the expectation plus the attain your satisfaction and needs. We can pledge you that the Name Card Printing designed by our company will never fail your expectation. We will be complacent if you could brief your appeal on the designing which we can duplication your idea.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any further questions through Whatsapp or email us. We will get back to you as soon as possible and do also visit our websites for samples which might set your interest. We are thrilled to serve our customer with respect, listen to their wishes and understand on their expectations since customer's satisfaction will be placed as the priority.


Name Card Printing Design

Before you print the Name Card Printing, you need to find a templates that you like.You can choose to design your own template if you do not like the templates that you found or showed to you.  

Name Card Printing Printing

We can see that there are three main types of Name Card Printing printing currently. The easiest one is laser printing, and followed by offset printing, silkscreen printing is the most complicated. Currently, most of the Name Card Printing printing shops are using laser printing and offset printing, and it is rare that people using silkscreen printing. 


After the completion of printing offset Name Card Printing and special Name Card Printing, boxes is the only item required for delivery. Most of the time, hot stamping procedures are necessary. The post-processing of Name Card Printing is computer card paper commonly. 


Making Process Post-Processing of Name Card Printing

After the completion of printing offset Name Card Printing and special Name Card Printing, boxes is the only item required for delivery. Most of the time, hot stamping procedures are necessary. The post-processing of Name Card Printing is computer card paper commonly. This is because the paper which has bigger format and thin paper cannot be used intermediately, it has to be post-processed for example plastic, die-cutting, bronzing, and boxing.

1. Plastic Packaging: 

Computer card paper has to be thickened, plastic packaging is the only way to make it becomes thick. Plastic Name Card Printing are prevalent in China from years ago, and the Plastic Name Card Printing are still a major form of Name Card Printing production presently. they have to be cut into Name Card Printing after done molded.

2. Cut Card: 

Cut the plastic card paper into Name Card Printing. Before the Name Card Printing can be used they need to cut the computer Name Card Printing. To produce computer Name Card Printing, the key procedure is Name Card Printing cutting.

3. Hot stamping: 

Most of the customers of  computer Name Card Printing and offset Name Card Printing ask for the hot stamping on logo or company name. Hot stamping is the final procedure in printing the Name Card Printing. Special bronzing machine will be used to bronze for stamping different colors of anodized aluminum materials on Name Card Printing.

4. Drumming: 

To have a crystal drumming effect on the Name Card Printing, they must go through a procedure called drumming.It is a process of melting the resin powder and apply to the text by using an embossing machine.

5. Indentation: 

Use an indentation machine to compress text or graphics on Name Card Printing into bumps or depressionsThis craft Name Card Printing is a special craft.

6. Die-cutting: 

The procedure of die-cutting is using a die-cutting machine to die-cut Name Card PrintingName Card Printing can be cut into different shapes with the different shapes of the knife die.

7. Cartoning: 

This is an easy procedure of putting the Name Card Printing into a special Name Card Printing packaging box as the completion of entire process of Name Card Printing after the Name Card Printing are done designed and produced.

Through social growth and the desires of consumers, imitation gold Name Card Printing emerge which are distinct from bronzing Name Card Printing.