ePutra Heights Name Card Printing is a small card for a meeting, visiting, or visiting the individual printed on it, with the name, address, job title, phone number, email address, name of the organization, occupation, etc... Name Card Printing is also a way of presenting yourself to the other party.







By surface of Name Card Printing

By surface
Name Card Printing are divided to front and the back. The both sides of each Name Card Printing can be printed. The price of the Name Card Printing is depends on the printed surfaces.

Single-sided printing
Print on one side of the Name Card Printing only. Print one side can fully express the meaning of Name Card Printing. At present, Name Card Printing in our country are printed on one side.

Double-sided printing
Print on both sides of the Name Card Printing. It will be used when single-sided printing cannot fully express the meaning of Name Card Printing,Name Card Printing which use double-sided printing can insert more information..

Explanation of Name Card Printing

Basic Explanation

[Name Card Printing] A small card use for meeting, contacting, or visiting, which printed with the name, address, job title, telephone number, email address, organization name, occupation, etc. of the individual. It is also can be a way to introduce yourself to others.

Citation Explanation

The rectangular cardboard which consists of their phone number, name, job title, address and etc, these Name Card Printing are mostly used for visiting or contacting people.
Qing Yuyue's "Renewal of Tea Fragrances in the Tea Fragrance Room and Answering Questions after Ancient Scholars": "Based on this, we know the Name Card Printing used by today's people, and the original name is also season." Sometimes forgot to bring a Name Card Printing, forgive me. "Wang Xiyan wrote in" The Melancholy and Disaster of the Ancient City ":" He walked hastiness, and when he heard that you were not at home, he turned back and did not even keep the Name Card Printing. "

User Guidance of Name Card Printing

Individuals should give their Name Card Printing to the customers every time they meet them, not giving the Name Card Printing when they meet for the first time only 

Individuals should not just to deliver the Name Card Printing to the boss of the unit but also give the Name Card Printing to everyone in the unit.

And also, individuals should deliver two Name Card Printing instead of one Name Card Printing only. Individuals can ask the recipient transfer the Name Card Printing to another others.

Lastly, individuals can put two Name Card Printing in each letter, birthday card, holiday card and thank you letter.Last but not least, put two Name Card Printing in each media kit is also convenient by deliver to the person when it is needed.


Making Process of Name Card Printing 

Printing Method

Before you print your own Name Card Printing, you need to decide what is the way to print the Name Card Printing. This is  because different ways to print the Name Card Printing will decide the use of different Name Card Printing carriers, and also it will affects the cost of printing Name Card Printing

Printing Options

You also need to decide how many times you wanted to print on the Name Card Printing after you have chosen the way you print the Name Card Printing. This is because colour of the Name Card Printing is also one of the important factors to decide the price of the Name Card Printing

Name Card Printing Content

You need to deiced what you want to print on the Name Card Printing too when you if you want to print Name Card Printing. The information that you want to show to others is on the main body of Name Card Printing. The information of Name Card Printing are mostly composed with text, pictures (patterns), and unit logos. Digital information is one of them as well, but it cannot be the mainstream of Name Card Printing


📲 Now our company, Keng Design have a good news to the people who stay in Putra Heights. Putra Heights is included in our coverage of area now. We are coming to Putra Heights to help people making and designing the Name Card Printing. Name Card Printing acts as a marketing tool for your business, it will create a good first impression to your customers and let the customers easily remember the business, products or services you are provided. FREE design Name Card Printing is available in our company. But if you have any idea in designing the Name Card Printing, you are welcome to share your idea with us or we can discuss together to let the Name Card Printing match to your taste. We also provide printing and delivery service to our clients.

Company name, logo, tagline and website is important to be appear in the Name Card Printing. Some personal details such as name, phone number, email address also should be put in the Name Card Printing. If you are having IT company, a QR code can also be appear in the Name Card Printing. Six different types of Name Card Printing has offer to our clients so they can make their own decision which type of Name Card Printing they would like to choose. The Name Card Printing type that provide by us single sided Name Card Printing printing, double sided Name Card Printing printing, hot stamping Name Card Printing printing, spot uv Name Card Printing printing, round corner Name Card Printing printing and custom Name Card Printing printing. Font size, font colors, layout and materials will have few choices for our clients to choose. They can choose based on their preference. 

Printing services also is an important process on making a Name Card Printing, so we have provided printing service to our clients After finish designing, we will send the Name Card Printing to our printing factory for printing. Besides printing services we also provide delivery services to our clients. Our partners, Skynet Express and Poslaju Nation Courier which will provide online tracking facilities will help us send all the Name Card Printing to the area that our clients in. With the help of our partners, it have bring convenience to our clients so that they no need waste their to worry when they can take their Name Card Printing. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us or drop us an email and we will reply you as soon as possible. If you wish to get some example of the Name Card Printing that done by us before, please be pleasant to come to our office for more details.

Making Process Printing Method of Name Card Printing

Before you print your own Name Card Printing, you need to decide what is the way to print the Name Card Printing. This is  because different ways to print the Name Card Printing will decide the use of different Name Card Printing carriers, and also it will affects the cost of printing Name Card Printing.

1. Computer digital Name Card Printing: computer and colour laser printer are mostly used for printing Name Card Printing. The common size of paper that used for printing Name Card Printing is 292 × 197mm, and each of the paper can be cut into ten Name Card Printing. The characteristics of computer and colour laser printer are it has a super fast printing speed, typesetting and printing are an easy one step, the quality of the Name Card Printing produced is guaranteed. The most importantly, a box of simple Name Card Printing can be completed within 30 minutes from order receiving, typesetting to delivery. The high quality and timeliness of digital Name Card Printing makes it a common method for the development of Name Card Printing.

2. Offset Name Card Printing: A type of Name Card Printing that can only be printed with the help of a computer, a black and white laser printer, a plate printer, and a Name Card Printing offset press.  90 × 55mm Name Card Printing special paper is uses for the printing of Name Card Printing, and only one card can be printed on each paper. The features are the creativity of Name Card Printing can be fully expressed, and it is also the current form of traditional Name Card Printing printing. The disadvantages are the printing speed is slower, the delivery cycle is longer, the price is higher and the quantity is lower.

3. Special Name Card Printing: the only type  Name Card Printing that need to be printed with computers, laser printers, plate-making machines, and small screen printers. This type of Name Card Printing is not using paper but media as carrier, and the media size is generally 90 × 54mm. The general media is more think and hard than common Name Card Printing paper, it is suitable for high-end, personalized Name Card Printing, but the grades are depending on the media used. The disadvantages of using this printing method are it is complicated to use screen printing, Name Card Printing media are very extra, the ordering cycle of Name Card Printing is long and it is expensive.

Making Process Printing of Name Card Printing

We can found three main types of Name Card Printing printing currently. The easiest one is laser printing, and followed by offset printing, silkscreen printing is the most complicated. Currently, most of the Name Card Printing printing shops are using laser printing and offset printing, and it is rarely to see people using silkscreen printing.

1. Laser Printing: 

This type of printing method is the most common printing way nowadays. Offset printing and screen printing are also cannot be separated from laser printing, and their simple plate making is also done by laser printing. The laser printing nowadays can be divided into two types, which are black and color, and they can make computer Name Card Printing in different grades respectively.

2. Offset Printing: 

It is a type of printing ways that used for traditional Name Card Printing. they ways to use is much more complex than computer Name Card Printing. First thing first, the ready Name Card Printing template must be printed on the transfer paper or printed into a film (color picture with a network cable). Next, the transfer paper or film have to be used with the printing machine to print the Name Card Printing template on the PS printing plate for Name Card Printing. Lastly, you now can print after put in the printed PS plate on the Name Card Printing offset press.

3. Screen Printing: 

This type of printing method is rarely to use in Name Card Printing printing  this is because it is not suitable to print on paper. Screen printing is like offset printing, you also need to print the complete Name Card Printing template on a transfer paper, or print the film, before using a special screen printing machine to transfer the transferred paper or the Name Card Printing template on the film. After that, then put the screen printing plate on the screen printing machine to print.