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📢Tanjung Ipoh Name Card , FREE Design , Printing & Delivery Service to Tanjung Ipoh

✌Searching for business cards printing company? Tanjung Ipoh is included our coverage area. Keng Design is one of the well-know name card printing company in Malaysia and we provide the service of name card printing in different types of designs. Name card able to let your business growth and let people reach to you easily by using the contact number and address that you put on the name card. Besides, other people can find you easily by all those information included in the name card such as personal name, address, contact information. Name card represents the identity of you or your position in a business or service. We provide free name cards design, printing, and delivering service to Tanjung Ipoh.
You can choose what printing style your preference to make a personalize name card which represents your identity of your business or service.There are six types of name card printing style or effect in which you can choose any one of it to print a personalize name card for your need and satisfaction. We have custom name card, spot uv name card, hot stamping name card, round corner name card, double sided name card, and single sided name card. Furthermore, as the consumer, you also can give your idea or opinion to us for referring. We are respect our customers decision, listening as well as understanding their needs and wants is our main responsibilities and objective. Moreover, we will make sure that your final product of name cards will arrived to your doorstep safely and nicely packed. 

If you have any interest or question towards our name card printing, please do not hesitate to What-apps us or email us to know further information regarding the name card printing. We will reply you as soon as possible to answer your questions. We are happy to serve our customers requirements since customers' satisfaction will be placed as priority. Thank you.