Printing Name Card. A Printing Name Card could be used for lots of events and situations like meetings or gathering as the Printing Name Card will be fill up with the information of name, age, job description, telephone number, email address, company name, profession, etc. It more likely as a thing to represent your identity and status which also introduces yourself towards the others.





By Material of Printing Name Card

It is distinguished by the bearer that the print name card uses. Printing name card paper is the most commonly accepted transporter for printing name card, though printing name card paper is not the main bearer. Printing name card can likewise be made utilizing different materials. Printing name card paper additionally embraces various determinations because of the diverse printing strategies for laser printing and balance printing. 

Advanced Printing Name Card: 

Printing name card made with PCs and laser printers. Its attributes are: the utilization of exceptional PC Printing name card paper, pre-press and printing work can be finished by PC and printer, in the wake of printing, basic handling is required, the printing time is short, and holding up is alluring. Actually shading lasers are often used for yield abroad, so consumer needs will produce specific extraordinary printing name card. The impact of creation is better than different name card printing. It is currently the planet's most common form of print name card.

Counterbalance Printing Name Card: 

Printing Name card printed with a counterbalance card printing press. The characteristics are: the use of uncommon boxed printing card paper, the printing is increasingly erratic, the consistency is satisfactory, and after printing the crate can be transmitted.  Be that as it may, balance printing name card are convoluted to print, have many printing forms, and have long conveyance cycles, and should be worked by experts. Before shading laser printers were propelled, they were fundamentally balanced printing name card, which have now been supplanted by advanced printing name card. 

Unique Printing name card :

A printing name card printed in different bearers than paper by a screen printing press. Can use metal, plastic and various carriers, use screen printing, printing name card grade is high, printing costs are also high, printing cycle is long, printing costs are higher than paper printing name card, usually for private cards, use is not normal. Printing name card are vivid, yet the goals isn't comparable to paper printing name card. 

Shading Printing Name Card: 

In the most part, the printing name card printed by the printing machine is printed with 300 g copperplate paper and cut into private venture cards afterward. It is split into two kinds of moronic paste and photographic stick. The printing shading impact is actually equivalent to that of general printing, and the shading is rich. The cost is low and there is an inclination to supplant standard printing name card.

Why You Should Print-Multiple Printing Name Card Designs?
Customizable Double-sided Hairstyle Printing Name Card. Your Printing Name Card is a first-choice marketing device. For this reason, you distribute to each potential customer and recommendation source, which is why developing a Printing Name Card design is so important that it not only provides simple contact information but also encourages action.

The advantage of Printing Name Card is that their printing costs are very low, which means you can hand out the Printing Name Card to anyone you meet and stack them in areas that your target customers might find. Given the expected and cheap Printing Name Card, I wonder why so many professionals only print one.

For maximum response, you should print multiple Printing Name Card designs. The reason is simple: You will meet many different types of people in many different types of situations. Assigning various Printing Name Card based on the given scenario can allow you to follow up further. Suppose, for example, you serve a business that designs software apps.

Your flagship application is intended for general public use but you also want to encourage developers to use their own derivative applications to adopt your APIs. You will meet both application users and application developers when attending a trade show; therefore you can print Printing Name Card that are appropriate for each group. The features and benefits of using the app may be listed, and include a call-to-action that calls for free registration. 

Each Printing Name Card will list the advantages of using the creation of an API and include guidance for gaining access from developers. You'll get a better response from both sides by finding a specific Printing Name Card. Another good example is a Visit Card coupon. In many online environments, I find myself best distributing a Printing Name Card with a coupon printed on the back.

However, I don’t want to offer this offer to everyone – I only consider customers who I consider “VIP”. I printed two versions of Printing Name Card, therefore, one with coupons and the other without. If I print an event-specific Printing Name Card with a limited time offer, it would be even better: Moreover, if your sales are different, a Printing Name Card to be issued to men and another Printing Name Card to be issued to women can be printed for a gender product or service. These are not the only approaches that can help you improve the pace of response with several targeted Printing Name Card. Others include:

Conferences, seminars and other events, festival
Private and public organization gatherings
Limited Time Offer
Customer type: gender, age, product preference, response mechanism preference
Holidays and seasons
Current affairs promotion partner

Of course, with any particular scenario, you can't print various types of Printing Name Card; however, you can pick two or three choices to get the best out of Printing Name Card and print a strongly tailored Printing Name Card for each. The combination of high-level positioning and low-cost Printing Name Card printing will increase demand, resulting in more follow-up actions, and ultimately maximize the return on investment of Printing Name Card.

Size specification
Manuscript section
1. Standard size of Printing Name Card: 90mm × 54mm 90mm × 50mm 90mm × 45mm.
However, plus 2mm for the upper, lower, left and right sides of the bleeding, the production size must be set to:
94 × 58mm 94mm × 54mm 94mm × 49mm.
In addition:
Horizontal version: 90 * 55mm <square corner> 85 * 54mm <round corner>
Vertical version: 50 * 90mm <square corner> 54 * 85mm <round corner>
Square version: 90 * 90mm 95 * 95mm

2. If the final product is greater than the size of a Printing Name Card, please indicate the appropriate size you prefer. The sides upper, lower, left, and right are also 2 mm each.

3. The color mode should be CMYK and image file over 350dpi.

4. When the manuscript is complete, there is no need to draw cross-lines and cut lines.

Arrangement Criteria of Printing Name Card 

The principle contrast between early Printing Name Card print and present-day Name Card print is penmanship as opposed to printing. In present-day society, the utilization of Printing Name Card is very normal, there are numerous groupings, and there is no bound together norm. The most widely recognized characterizations are as per the following: 

1. As indicated by the reason for Name Card print, Name Card print can be isolated into Printing Name Card print, open Name Card print and private concern card print. 

2. As indicated by the Name Card materials and printing techniques, there are three kinds of advanced Name Card print, counterbalance Name Card print and exceptional Name Card print. 

3. As indicated by the printing shading, there are four sorts: monochrome, two-shading, shading and genuine nature. 

4. As indicated by the kind of design, there are three sorts of level Name Card print, vertical Name Card print, and collapsing Name Card print. 

5. As indicated by the printing surface, there are two kinds of single-sided printing and twofold sided printing. We characterize the above classes as follows.