Printing Business Card is a small card which used consists of the name, address, job title, telephone number, email address, organization name, occupation of an individual. It can be used to introduce yourself to the others. Printing Business Card nowadays is one of the companies or unit's most valuable marketing instruments, since they are reflected by Printing Business Card. Printing Business Card is designed to help you fuse your company into the market in just a few seconds. Business Card printing also lets you pass on your contact details to future customers.





The printing method of the Printing Business Card production process

When you want to print a business card, you must first decide the printing method, as different printing methods will decide the use of different business card products, which will also influence the printing price of the business card.

1. Computer digital Printing Business Card: 

Computer and color laser printer can do printing business card. The paper with the Printing Business Card is 292 Around 197 mm paper, each paper will print 10 Business Card prints. Its characteristics are: extremely fast printing speed, one-time typesetting and printing, the resulting Printing Business Card quality is very good, a box of simple Printing Business Card can be completed within 30 minutes after receiving the order, and then typesetting delivery. The high quality and timeliness of computer digital Printing Business Card make it a mainstream Printing Business Card production method.

2. Offset Printing Business Card: 

With the aid of computers, black and white laser printers, flatbed printers and offset printing presses, you can just print your business card. The Printing Business Card paper uses 90×55mm Printing Business Card special paper, and only one Printing Business Card paper can be printed on each paper. Its characteristics are: it can fully express all the creativity of Printing Business Card, and is the traditional form of current Printing Business Card. Disadvantages: slower printing speed, longer delivery cycle, higher price and lower quality.

3. Special Printing Business Card: 

Just a computer, laser printer, plate-making machine and small screen-printer can be used to print business card. Printing business card uses media other than paper, which typically has a media scale of 90 x 54 mm. Its characteristics are: ordinary media is thicker and harder than Printing Business Card paper, suitable for high-end personalized Printing Business Card, the grade depends on the media used. Disadvantages: Screen printing is very complicated, there are many printing media for Printing Business Card, and the order cycle for Printing Business Card is long and expensive.

Explanation of Printing Business Card

Basic introduction

[Printing Business Card, phone card] A small card used for meetings, visits or visits, which is printed with the individual's name, address, job title, phone number, email address, organization name, occupation, etc.
This is also a way to introduce yourself to the other party.

Citation Explanation

The rectangular cardboard used for visiting or contacting people has their phone number, name, job title, address, etc.
Qing Yuyue's "Renewal of Tea Fragrances in the Tea Fragrance Room and Answering Questions after Ancient Scholars": " Based on this, we know the Printing Business Card used by people today, the original name is also the season." Rarely forgot to bring a Printing Business Card, forgive me. "Wang Xiyan wrote in" The Melancholy and Disaster of the Ancient City ":" He walked very hurriedly, and when he heard that you were not at home, he turned around and did not even keep a Printing Business Card."

Design and print Printing Business Card: how to handle them properly

Usually, your Printing Business Card is your first presentation to potential customers and partners. In many small companies, it is the principal marketing device. Turning it into increasing marketing and printing needs, finding superior performing printers will become critical. This will help you to find the printer that best fits your needs.

These are some rules for designing and ordering an effective Printing Business Card.

1. Consider your market

Alfred Poor, founder of Small Business Center, a small business consulting company, said: "You have to know the market." "B2B cards are somewhat different from the cards that you are going to use for customers.

2. What details do you have on your Printing Business Card?

A good Printing Business Card before the era of the Internet was like personal calling cards. It contains your name, the name of the company, the job title, the actual address and the phone number.

3. Need a dual-sided card?

Visual cards have two aspects. It is acceptable to stay blank, especially if the consignee wants space to write notes about you and your business (such as an exhibition).

4. Design a proper logo

Your corporate logo and marketing colors are the most significant picture of the brand. When people see your logo, they need to consider their work and its utility immediately.

Special Etiquette of Printing Business Card 

There is no restrictions and it is free to deliver your Printing Business Card outside the United States and Canada. Other than people can officially exchange Printing Business Card in international business activities, Printing Business Card can also become a valuable record. The Printing Business Card are represents as a record of the people you met in the past activities, and also the important information for you to contact them in the future.

Nonetheless, you must clearly understand that such special marks for the exchange of Printing Business Card exist in other cultures. In Japan, the way of exchanging a Printing Business Card  is just as important as the material. The Printing Business Card exchange method is like a ballet with well-designed movements. The practical steps below are:

1. Using both thumbs and forefinger to hold the Printing Business Card. When delivering Printing Business Card, the main body of the Printing Business Card should face to the person who accepts your Printing Business Card. Meanwhile, you have to bow slightly, which slightly lowered your head.

2. The people who accepts the Printing Business Card must nod to show the gratitution to the person who gave them the Printing Business Card, he or she has to deliver his or her own Printing Business Card at the same time in the same way. After that,  spend some time for reading the content on the Printing Business Card carefully. This is because the Printing Business Card is act as identity of the person, Printing Business Card are act as a representative to you, they show others what you do, and who you work for.

3. Then, everyone must also keep a Printing Business Card on his chest for the other party was to remember at the correct time in each of the small ceremonies.

4. Seek not to have Printing Business Card numbered or annotated.
And if you are left-handed in the Middle East and other Southeast Asian nations, you have to handle Printing Business Card with your right hand rather than your left hand. This is because the left hand is used to clean the body and it is considered dirty.

Please do remember that do not put Printing Business Card in your pockets in any culture. We have noticed that a few informal Americans use Printing Business Card as toothpicks! (Your client must be thinking across the table: "Hey! That is my identity, not your toothpick.")

Bilingual Printing Business Card

When traveling to the country where English is not commonly used, some tourists will bring along their Printing Business Card with English and local language. Be sure the accuracy on both sides on the written text is the same, so it won't be to say that the local language is unintentionally a language of the second rank. There are plenty of 24-hour outlets in this area in other major cities. When you are going to a city like Tokyo or Hong Kong but do not have bilingual Printing Business Card, you can ask the concierge of the hotel where that service is available.

You must ensure that the title is written down, in any event. Showing a title will not only help local people understand your role, but would also be the most accurate representation of it. Titles such as "deputy," "associate" or "executive assistant" are easily misunderstood outside the United State. So it is hard for people in understanding certain parts of the word the difference between of the words like "director" and "manager". Outside the United States, the title of vice president is rarely used, but businessmen in other countries know it represents a particular status. Similarly, people outside North America were also puzzled by acronyms like CEO, CFO( Chief Financial Officer) and COO ( Chief Operating Officer).

In English-speaking countries with the same family, the British "chairman" is equivalent to the "president" of the United States. In the United Kingdom, "director" is a senior position, equivalent to "vice president" in the United States. Meanwhile, this title also indicates that the person is a member of the board of directors.

In Japan, two American businesswomen described their experiences by using the Printing Business Card. One of them is the president of her company. In Japan, she is still greeted by senior Japanese businessmen, no matter where she goes. Yet another Printing Business Card was classified as an international marketing manager (director), but she was handled in a white-eyed way-indifference. Both women believe the role and position in the industry is very significant in the Japanese business community. In the end, with the permission of their clients, the director of the international marketing department appoints himself as the president of "Some International"( the name of her company). In reality, this company's name is the official name of an international sales organization being a tax-specialized agency, so she's right about her appointment. A few months later, the lady went to Japan again and this time, her warm welcome was brought by the renamed "President" title on her Printing Business Card.

Warning: Do not invent your own title for making a deep impression. This is because, if someone found out that you are cheating, you will lose credibility from other companies, which is harmful in the long run.

Special reminder: In those countries and regions where men are dominant (eg Latin America, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia), if you are married, you may consider adding “Mrs.” before your name to indicate your identity. The advantage of this to avoid offensives of some undesirable actions.