Print Name Card. A small card used for visits, with the name, address, job title, telephone number, email address, organization name, occupation, etc. of the individual printed on it. It is also a way to introduce yourself to the other party. Printed Print Name Card for visitors. Print Name Card is one of the most important marketing resources that the company can access. Customers want you to own it. This is a highly personalized form of marketing that can fully meet your needs. Print Name Card, the most important purpose of Print Name Card is to bring your business to the market in just a few seconds, so that important contact information is passed to the hands of customers.





What is the role of Print Name Card?


Each of us will have a lot of other people 's Print Name Card for the needs of modern social networking, as well as our own Print Name Card. You may define the Print Name Card as an essential connection and a way to interact with people. Print Name Card is also classified as a property and as an interpersonal tool. Using these Print Name Card is also a must-have skill for business people to promote their company and stay connected to their partnerships and customers.


To make Print Name Card become the ultimate role, we must first have Print Name Card, that is the acquisition of Print Name Card because it is an interpersonal resource and the property, later we should use all possible opportunities to obtain Print Name Card to increase the number of our property and accumulate resources. Parties, meetings, dinners, business contacts, daily work, etc. are all ways to obtain.


After the acquisition, of course, you can use a Print Name Cardholder and a computer to organize Print Name Card, which is a scientific sorting work, especially for business personnel. First, classify Print Name Card, which can be classified according to work relations, unit nature, work nature, importance, interest relations, and other standards that apply to their own usage habits and work concepts. Standard sort number such as size.


This should be updated periodically after ending, adding the information changed, the substitution, the refreshing refresh. Holding up to date your own personal Print Name Card is very important and making sure you correct the latest details therein. Regularly analyze own Print Name Card by adding those are necessary, update those,  important information such as changes in personal communication, dynamics, development status trends, etc. from the changes in Print Name Card. The Print Name Card could provide a reference for your work career.

The meaning of Print Name Card

The meaning of Print Name Card printing involves three aspects. The significance of these three aspects should be analyzed according to the specific situation of Print Name Card printing.

1. Improve yourself.

The main content of small Print Name Card printing is the name, occupation, work unit and contact information (phone BP, email, MSN, QQ) printed by the Print Name Cardholder.

2.  Promote enterprise development.

In addition to clearly marking personal information, the printing Print Name Card must also be clearly marked with company information, such as the company's name, address, and business area. The office supplies plan includes the brand name of the company with the CI picture plan. This type of Print Name Card printing business needs are the most important, and personal information is secondary. The company's logo and color instructions for Print Name Card printing business needs are fancy but should have very personalized standard characters, etc., which can quickly move people and become a part of the company's overall image.

3. The contact card of the information age.

In the age of digital information, everyone's life, work and study are inseparable from various types of information. The printing of Print Name Card conveys information about businesses, people and businesses in its unique form. Personalized Print Name Card printing design can quickly take you away. The spread of information to Print Name Card printing has brought great convenience to my life.

However, the etiquette of printing through the Print Name Card remains unchanged. For countries with courtesy, it is necessary to pay attention to courtesy and exchange Print Name Card for printing.

Color of Print Name Card

This is broken by the printing ink tone. Every time shading is applied to the Print Name Sheet, it takes one even more printing. Likewise, shading is one of the factors that determine the Print Name Card costs. Three hues can frame a shading, on the off chance that you need full and practical hues, you need to utilize four hues to make a genuine nature. The straightforward shading coordinating of balance Print Name Card, insofar as printing multiple times, is additionally called shading Print Name Card. 


Print Name Card in a single shading as it were. Current Print Name Card are once in a while utilized on the front side, and the individuals who need it are for the most part for brief use. Be that as it may, on the rear of the Print Name Card, since it isn't the primary review surface, a lot of monochrome printing is utilized 


In optional hues, simply print the Print Name Card. Since the two-shaded Print Name Card may already exemplify straightforward logos, and the cost of the Print Name Card is low, most existing Print Name Card counterbalances use two-shading printing.


Print Name Card printed by Balance and PC Print Name Card shading printed with or without light-hued images, several times. Using tri-shading will make the Print Name Card logo display progress signs function, with most organizations using tri-shading Print Name Card that emphasizes outside image. The three-shading Print Name Card is costly a result of its confounded overprinting and huge misfortune. Some three-shading Print Name Card needs to print light-hued pictures, making plate making troublesome, and the cost is somewhat higher than normal three-shading Print Name Card. 

Real nature: 

Print Name Card with photos printed counterbalance, Print Name Card yield by shading laser printers, and Print Name Card with silk screen printed several times. Real nature Print Name Card is the most elevated evaluation of the Print Name Card, making it possible to fully reflect the whole structure of the Print Name Card thoughts. On the off chance that you need to print pictures for counterbalance Print Name Card, you need to utilize film plate making, with the goal that the subtleties of the example can be very much communicated. 

With the promotion of shading laser printers in advanced Print Name Card frameworks, this grouping has gotten less and less. Since as the most progressive shading laser printer, you can make a wide range of Print Name Card voluntarily. There is no issue and trouble in imprinting in a few hues.


What is the standard Print Name Card Size?

Size in Millimeter (mm) = 54mm x 88mm

Size in Centimeter (cm) = 5.4cm x 8.8cm

Size in Inch (") = 2.12598" x 3.46457"

Width & Height depends on your Print Name Card design Portrait or Landscape Display

One of the easiest ways to make a good first impression is to print standard size Print Name Card which is 54mm x 88mm. But if you really want to stand out, consider one of the many custom-shaped Print Name Card available which know as die-cut Print Name Card. A die-cut Print Name Card has the advantage of being unique and grab attention.