The exquisite and thoughtful Name Card Printing design attracted people's attention and left a good impression on the company. The company logo beautifully displays company details and uses the correct brand colors and fonts to ensure that the Name Card Printing printing has a professional appearance.

Looking for attractive design ideas for Name Card Printing?

good news! We now have printing services for the Name Card Printing to solve your problems! We also have an appealing and unforgettable Name Card Printing design services to reflect the product identity and ensure that the end user can interact.





The First Impression Of Your Brand Name Card Printing


Do you not want him or her to make a deep first impression when you meet someone who can become a potential customer or network? Unforgettable Name Card Printing will send out any email address or telephone number directly.


I don't want my brand to be synonymous with the word "cheap" when creating a link with Name Card Printing retail shops that want to attract customers will not use a cardboard sheet and a sandpaper strip to mark the window. My Printing my Name Card has the same concept. 

My goal is to impress people. They left a deep first impression and played the role of a great icebreaker. After handing in the Name Card Printing, I never ended the conversation. In fact, the unique Name Card Printing will further promote dialogue.


Yeah, they cost more however remember how much net expense to distribute funds for luxury Name Card Printing can be that. It should make a strong first impression to pick up the office table tennis table and coffee machine and keep some Name Card Printing.

Name Card Printing Making


Name Card Printing is printed on some type of Name Card Printing paper, and its visual effects, printing methods, costs and other detailed details can differ based on cultural or organizational norms and personal preferences. The common weight of Name Card Printing varies by location. Typically, Name Card Printing is printed at 350 grams/square meter (density), 45 millimeters (100 pounds) (weight), or 12 pounds (thickness).


The weight of these cards was initially significantly reduced, and perforations could be seen at the corners, but improvements in printer and paper quality made it possible to print professional-looking cards.


Spot colors are usually used to print replacement Name Card Printing on a sheet-fed offset press without full-color photos. Some companies even have spot colors on their trademarks (for example, UPS brown, Los Angeles Lakers purple, and Tide orange). If the Name Card Printing logo is monochrome and the form is a different colour, two colors will be considered as the operation. You can add more colors of position depending on your card preferences. Since the advent of digital printing and batch printing, printing Name Card Printing in full colour is now cost-effective.

A cheaper method, called thermal imaging, has been developed to simulate the effect of printing with engraved plates, using a plastic powder that can be replaced on wet ink. The card will then be rotated to the heating unit, melting the plastic onto the card. A similar result can be achieved by adding a UV varnish to the matte surface substrate.


For addition, sheet-fed presses can print full-color cards or cards using several colours. We therefore use the four-color printing process CMYK (cyan , magenta , yellow, and black). Color-overprinted displays produce a broader variety of colours. The disadvantage of this printing method is that if you check carefully, small dots will be found in the filtered colors, and the spot color card will mostly be printed in solid color. Or a non-black simple card with less than 5 points.


Using other devices on sheet-fed presses to spread paint as for other inks. UV coatings may also be applied in other words to provide more design space. Do not use ink, except in UV colour. Until printing, the paint should be glazed or semi-glassed.


Name Card Printing can also be printed using a digital copier that uses toner fused to the surface of the Name Card Printing, but many modern printing companies have replaced high-end "digital printers" and can now use them as office copiers, from light to light. Production equipment, such as Konica Minolta's Bizhub 5500, the latest HP Indigo digital printing press, and other latest equipment.


Although some older office copiers may encounter problems when handling heavy Name Card Printing paper, the latest digital presses can print special quality paper with a quality of 407 g/m2 (150# cover paper) and can print Special substrates, such as polypropylene. Many modern digital printers can be used in worksheets and network models can simulate Pantone spot colors, can print more than 7 colors at a time, and even include embedded spectrophotometers and air-assisted paper feed systems.


UV coatings and other coatings (such as water-based coatings) can be used to speed up the production of cards. Undried cards will be "placed", that is, the ink on the front of one card will be marked on the back of the other card. The film usually has a higher shine, and is more likely to produce fingerprints, and the water-based coating is not visible, but it will extend the replacement time for the coin. You can use dim water-based paint on uncoated cards and get some very sturdy uncoated cards, as well as use UV coating or plastic extrusion technology to thicken thin cards, and they're even more sturdy.


(Bleeding refers to the portion where the printed lines or colors exceed the lines of the paper to be printed.) This helps to ensure that no white edges appear when cutting the paper due to slight differences in the cutting position of the blade. Nearly impossible are cards, cards with almost no tailoring. Hair loss itself will create white lines and by cutting, the razor itself will tear out the page. The graphic can even be shifted on the paper.

Why Use Name Card Printing?


They say that you will never be impressed again. In the online world, nothing is more real.


The Name Card Printing has been around for many years , in fact, the history of the humble 85 mm x 55 mm rectangular Name Card Printing dates back to the 15th century, and was used by the upper class as a calling card to announce its intention to meet new friends.

There was no house number in London in the 17th century, so there was a "trade card" that knew the position of the business and the services given (if signed), which was deemed legally binding.


Fast forward to 2018, and thankfully, publishing your Name Card Printing is far from the minefield hundreds of years ago.


So let us see why your business needs Name Card Printing.



Make no mistake; Name Card Printing is one of the most effective marketing methods companies can use and people want you to own it.

This is a highly personalized type of marketing, it will completely satisfy your needs. Name Card Printing is a highly personalized kind of marketing that can completely meet your needs. Name Card Printing's main aim is to advertise your business and hold your key contact details in the customer's hands in seconds.

No matter where you go, you can carry it with you. If your work involves travel, or if you often participate in trade shows and conferences, you can easily take it with you.


Good Name Card Printing can create an image of professionalism, credibility, and loyalty, all of which are highlighted in the standard list of potential customers when making decisions.

Brand builder


Name Card Printing can help you build a brand and make your business more famous. The main details you should include on your Name Card Printing your name, logo, slogan, contact details, and social media icons-set according to the design you choose, you can create a company image and enhance you with everyone who sees it Image card.


Designing Name Card Printing on a blank canvas will give you a unique and memorable opportunity to print the company's image on your own brand. If you are doing things right, you will build a real link with your target market.



Please raise your hand if you encounter this situation: meet someone, share joy, and then walk away, immediately forget their name and what they did.


Name Card Printing can create opportunities from scratch. Opportunities can be huge business partnerships, new leaders, or potential connections. You can present yourself, you or your company when speaking to potential customers, and pass contact details easily and efficiently. No need to mess with a pen, nothing more than a brief (but productive) conversation. 

Defining a good network is about establishing a recognized connection. There is no substitute in today's high-tech world of social media and smartphones for the personal style brought in by Name Card Printing. That's exactly what people will think. 

Name Card Printing design concept text design

As we all know, the text, as well as the spreader of academic culture, is one of the most direct visual media in human daily life. The font design aims to shift the text's mood and improve the text's charm. Therefore, when the text is used in the design industry, it is not only used to convey the message but also has the function of decoration/appreciation and the function of enhancing the impression.

Because of the rapid growth of advertising and the influence of global design trends, as well as changes in printing fonts, whether an advertising firm or an individual is engaged in design work, whether it is for business needs or to communicate their personal design concept; many decorative, changeable novel fonts. Hand-drawn fonts are special fonts, which are completely different from traditional fonts under the premise of emphasizing the portability and creative fun of writing.

The industry often affects how text is presented when designing a Name Card printout. Soft-pen fonts, for example, are suitable for use within the Tea Museum. The basis of the text design motif is the full name of the company in the abbreviations Chinese and English, Chinese and English, text logo ... etc. Fonts include Vientiane, design fonts, carved seals, traditional fonts. Finally, we must pay attention to the combination of font and text to create a layout atmosphere and shape the brand into another new visual language.