Food & Beverage Name Card Printing

In Malaysia,there are wide varieties of food and beverages businesses which consist of different kinds of uniqueness and cultures. Mamak, Indian, Chinese and Malay stalls or restaurants are the main examples of Malaysian food and beverages business in Malaysia. Other than that, there are hawker center, food courts, fast food franchises, sushi bars, bakery also available in Malaysia. However, since there are many food and beverage businesses in Malaysia, how could you make yours to stand out among other competitors?? Let's use an eye-catching name card to introduce your food and beverage when you meet someones at first time!! Name card includes all the information such as personal name, company name, address, logo, and contact information such as email address, Facebook page, and telephone number. When people received the name card, they will notice the Facebook page. If they are interested to know more details of your company, they will try to search the Facebook page to know further information regarding your food and beverage restaurant. Therefore, name card can help you to increase your company popularity since you can put any information that you want to deliver to public onto the name card.

There are six types of name card printing available in our company such as custom name card, spot uv name card, round corner name card, double sided name card, and single sided name card. Different visual display will be presented by using different types of name card printing style or effects. Custom name card printing which means customers can customize the design of name they preferred and pass it to us thereby we will help them in printing the name card; Spot UV name card printing is the process of UV coating on the name card which high gloss shine and glossy appearance will be presented; Hot stamping name card printing can be either gold stamping or silver stamping which applied onto the symbols or text of the name card which makes the name card more beauty; Round corner name card means that corner is designed in round corner shape; Double sided name card means that information can be printed on both front and back side of name card; Single sided name card means that the information can only be printed on front side of name card which is suitable to those factory who have less information to deliver. Hence, customers can choose one of six types of name card printing style to make a name card which represents the food and beverage restaurant identity.

An amazing appearance and good looking design of name card definitely will impress people you meet when you show the name card to them at first meeting. Our designers are graduated from Top University of Malaysia and have many experience in designing. They have attended many international design seminars so that they received many opinions from there regarding how to create a perfect and beauty design to fulfill customers' satisfaction. Customers can let us know the requirements in designing  the name card so that our designers will based on customers requirement or demands to design an eye catching name card which meet customers expectations and satisfaction. You may choose any printing style, colors, and materials you preferred in printing the name card. Please do not hesitate to contact us to know further details regarding name card printing.