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User Guidance

Rather than providing Name Card Printing only when they meet for the first time, it is easier to supply customers with Name Card Printing whenever they see them.

Give Name Card Printing not just the manager, to everyone in the company.
Instead of one, offer two Name Card Prints. Ask the receiver to send another Name Card Print to others.

Put two Name Card Printing, birthday card, holiday card and thank you letters in each letter.

Put two Name Card Printing in each media kit.

Exchange Name Card Printing

Business operations include personal Name Card Printing to be printed on. Don't enlarge the Name Card Printing in its place bar when printing a Name Card Print. It is safer to print on various occasions a number of common Name Card Printing, and different Name Card Prints.

Please do not forget to print Name Card Printing while carrying out business activities. Name Card Printing should be held in a special printed holder of a Name Card Document. The printed Name Card Printing holder is better put on the jacket's collar, rather than in the pants' pocket.

When exchanging Name Card Printing for printing, it is best to stand up and give it to the other party politely. If you are sitting, you should stand up and show respect when you come over. Greeting to each other before exchanging Name Card Printing with each other. Keep your Name Card Printing clean and do not distribute dirty Name Card Printing.

When you want to get the Name Card Printing paper from another group but he hasn't sent you, you can ask your prompt tone: "If there's no hassle, please give me a Name Card Printing document."

People with lower identities or roles or anyone visiting will first distribute the written materials on the Name Card Paper. If the other party is meeting more citizens, exchange Name Card Printing prints with the owner or anyone with higher rank should be the first.
Please do not write or fold the Name Card Printing g on the spot, after receiving the Name Card Printing from the other party.
Electronic Name Card Printing is becoming increasingly popular with the rapid advancement of computer technology, and exchanging is becoming ever more convenient. Using mobile phone Name Card Printing recognition software can quickly identify Name Card Printing and convert it to electronic Name Card Printing, and at the same time generate personalized electronic printed Name Card Printing display web pages, which can quickly share and exchange Name Card Printing. Representative products: Yinke Name Card Printing, universal Name Card Printing, etc., giving Name Card Printing more printing meaning.

Size specification

Manuscript section

1. The standard size of Name Card Printing: 90mm×54mm 90mm×50mm 90mm×45mm.

However, for the upper, lower, left and right sides plus 2mm, the production size must be set to:

94 × 58 mm 94 mm × 54 mm 94 mm × 49 mm

In addition:

Horizontal version: 90*55mm <angle> 85*54mm <angle

Vertical version: 50*90mm <angle> 54*85mm <angle

Square type: 90*90mm 95*95mm.

2. If the size of the finished product exceeds the size of the Name Card Printing, please indicate the correct size required. The upper, lower, left and right sides are also 2mm.

3. The color mode should be CMYK, and the image file should be higher than 350dpi.

4. After the manuscript is completed, there is no need to draw cross lines and cutting lines.

Content section

1. The layout of the copy should be more than 3mm away from the cutting line to avoid cutting the text during cutting.
2. After the manuscript is confirmed, the text should be converted into curves or outlines to avoid garbled characters because the font cannot be found during the output of the plate making.
3. When entering text, please do not set to use system characters. If it is used, it will cause white nodes at the intersection of strokes. At the same time, please do not set the text as overprint and fill.

Color part

1. Can not order the finished product's print color by computer or print colour. To decide the output colour, the file formation must be based on the percentage of CMYK color samples.

2. The color will be slightly different when the same image file is printed at different times, and the color difference is common within 10 percent of the upper and lower limits;

3. The setting of shading or background color should not be less than 5%, so as not to appear when printing the finished product;

4. Images and photos are made in CMYK mode and stored in the TIFF file format. Do not import in PSD file format. If you use CorelDRAW to design Name card printing, please fill in all the input image images, POWER CLIP objects, separate shadows and add transparency or filter materials to them, and then rotate the bitmap again. The color is set to CMYK 32-bit, the resolution is 350dpi, and the anti-aliasing transparent background is tested using a color profile to avoid having to rotate the group version output often to create a Masek image. If you want the bitmap to be reduced by changing the nodes, please rotate the bitmap again to avoid partial coverage during the output cycle.

Name Cards Printing element

The elements that belong to the shape include illustrations (symbols or decorative patterns), logos (logos shaped by patterns or text), product names (standard fonts of the product, also known as synthetic text or trademark text) frames, shadows (beautify the layout), set off-theme)

Company name (including the company's full name and business items)
Other related elements: the arrangement of colors (a combination of hue, brightness, and saturation) (overall arrangement of text and patterns)

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Design Concept Design Performance Name Card Printing

The content of the plan, the meaning of the theme or the focus of the product is represented as a picture book. The purpose is to explain the text, highlight the original security, and have a complete and independent visual modeling mode.

In a modern society where advertisements are frequent, illustrations can be used in almost any printed material with the nature of advertisements. Therefore, the types and internal structure of illustrations, techniques, etc. have also become one of the key points of advertising effects.

The illustrations are divided into two categories: "truth" and "abstraction". Designers must consider versatility or representation when creating, in order to use the soul to analyze data, select invisible elements and combine form and color creativity; this leads everyone to resonate with visual effects with illustrations.

Therefore, illustration is an important material for creating characters, the purpose is to attract the visual in the components of Name Card Printing printing. Most importantly, illustrations can directly express the company’s structure or industry to convey an understanding of the content.

3 Factors Why You Need Name Card Printing?

Name Card Printing is still the golden way to communicate, and even many freelancers use social media as their main online channel, but the golden gateway to attract new customers is still strong communication between the elderly and the public. 
This Is A Private Matter
They judge people by their looks, as do most men. Your personal brand will be seen by your look and wear, so there's no reason to pause. Name Card Printing will add a different dimension to your personal brand, that is, personal style. It enables your potential customers or potential customers to further understand you and your brand through design. Your Name Card Printing will also let them know that your work is relevant, in addition to encouraging your customized people to contact you again. In addition to showcasing the contacts on your favorite social media site, the printed Name Card Printing also has personal charm.

Make You More Memorable


Outstanding design for Name Card Printing would do two things at once which would make you special and highlight your expertise in design. The card receiver is very critical when attempting to reach you. Name Card Printing will make people feel that with fun, eye-catching apps, you 're worth it. It makes you look professional which is what any business owner or freelancer wants. 


Create Awareness For Your Service


Just though a Name Card Printing is a great way to showcase your design skills and make you appear more skilled and superior, your service experience can also be improved. Name Card Printing will help you stand out from new customers, and those you want to keep in the market for potential growth.


All in all, Name Card Printing is a great way to connect and get involved. Thus, take a look at our favorites and choose a Name Card Printing template that can benefit from a 20 percent discount for reading this article.