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Segambut Name Card, FREE Design, Printing & Delivery Service to Segambut


The small piece of paper like name card is an extension of your company's uniqueness and personality. A name card function as a calling card or contact source. The business man should use an eye-catching name card to introduce yourself and to reflect your business nature and identity by includes all the information for example, personal name, company name, address, company logo and contact information such as telephone number and email address. Therefore, name card is a useful promotional marketing tools that able to help you to increase your company reputation since you can put a clear and efficient contact information that you want onto the name card.

Our company offer six different types of name card printing such as custom name card printing which customize your design, choose your paper materials, then sit back and enjoy premium quality printing; spot uv name card printing which is one of the most popular printing techniques because of its versatility, impact and low cost; round corner name card printing removes the sharp corner especially for thick and hard card, whilst maintaining its simplicity and minimalist; double-sided name card printing there are two spaces to maximize, you can add more information on your name card; single-sided name card printing which the words or pictures only printed on the one side and hot stamping name card printing went under an additional process where silver or gold is imprinted on the name card. There are different visual display, textures and effects will be presented by using different types of name card printing style. Hence, customers can choose one of six types of name card printing style to make a name card which represents the food and beverage restaurant identity. Name card can serves as a way for customers or colleagues to remember you after a first meeting. A smartly designed of name card helps your company stand out among the crowd. Therefore, name card is an another mnemonic tool to help customers recall them merely by their name card. 

Your first impression will be established by a well-designed and catchy appearance design of name card definitely will impress people you meet when you show the name card to them at first meeting. There are professional designers hired by us which are have many years of experience in designing. Our customers are welcome to our office during business hours and discuss with our professional designers to make sure have a better understanding toward their needs and requirements in designing the name card so that able to meet customers expectations and satisfaction. Moreover, you may choose different printing style, colors, and materials you preferred in printing the name card. In addition, please do not hesitate to contact us to know further information regarding name card making and we also offer delivery service to Segambut by deliver the final product to your doorstep.