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✌ Miharja Print Business Card Printing Courier Service to Miharja


✌ Our humble establishment offers printing business card service for you. If you have an existing business or planning to start one then you can refer to us. The design we could provide you is the round corners of the card or the normal type of card, single sided and double sided design. Business cards has the important contact details of you and the company. It is one of the ways to let the public know and potentially expand the business. 

The business cards should have the conventional details which are the your name, company name and contact information. To add other details is more helpful for the people such as including email address, company address, and also social media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are examples to reach a bigger audience. The business card could also have QR codes, for people to scan for a swift access. 

We have a courier service to the whole Malaysia and FREE design for you. Contact us now for more information. We will respond you as soon as we can. You may go through the sample design we have. We appreciate for you to contact us and we are glad to serve our customers.