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Ampang Cetak Kad Nama Ampang Cetak Kad Perniagaan Ampang Percetakan Kad Bisness

✌ Business cards have been available as a marketing tool for businesses for a long time now. But it is considered to be one of the most powerful 
marketing tools available. Even in the rise of the digital tool for marketing, business cards still adapt innovations and becomes a part of the 
marketing technique for a business. We have several options available now for designing business cards, 
from simple designs to customized business-related designs.

Looking to create amazing business card for your firm?

If you’re looking for some fantastic design idea for name card printing, you are at the right places now!
Over the years, we’ve seen some incredible design ideas been printed, 
With your ideas and instructions, and with our professionalism designer.

In order to minimize your time & money, We will deliver anywhere in Malaysia to your doorstep!

Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you require further information.

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We provide different types of business cards that can fulfill your requirement such as the round corner business card, single sided business card, 
double sided business card and others.If you are looking for something unique, a wild format name card is suitable. You can use a folded design 
that will turn your name card into a brochure. Another option is a name card that is smaller than the standard size. 
These are great ways to make your name card noticeable but it is necessary to think about how the card will be stored. 


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for different kind of Business Card



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Want your business card to look amazing and unique? 
Business cards can be designed based on customers preferences or requirements with different type of shapes, sizes, fonts, and colors.  

You could always visit us and refer our business cards customization as we will provide you various of awesome ideas by our professional designers; or you can provide your own respective ideas and creativity on the customization of business cardsWith an outstanding designed business cards, you will definitely grab the customers attention easily not because the information is clear but also the design of the business cards


Spot UV technology or design can be applied on ordinary business cards.
It can make enhance the surface of the business cards by making it more shiny and smooth. 

This kind of Spot UV design business card will absolutely amaze your clients and it will stands out among so many business cards in their purses. 
They will memorize your brand easily and could search through all the business cards easier. It is a good way to notify more about your business brand to the audiences.  


Hot Stamping is one of the design that can be applied in name card/business card.
Hot stamping business cards went under an additional process where silver or gold is imprinted on the business cards. Adding hot stamping finishing is very appealing and elegant because of the way it shows the glowing metallic or gold effects. The design could be applied on logo or any wordings in your business card. It gives a slight touch up to the business card to makes it look unique from the others. Hot Stamping business cards design are also known as one of the best brand recognition tool in the market.


Tired of sharp-cornered design business cards? Try something new by getting a round-cornered business card design to stand out among the ordinary one.

The round and smooth design only costs you a little more than the ordinary one but then it stands out among the ordinary ones and it will be easily spotted by customers or audiences when they are searching for business cards because of the unique shape design which is round and smooth. Make your business card interesting by not only providing important information in the inner designed, but also the outer designed of your business cards as well.


Nowadays,  business cards will always added with double-sided feature. 
This is due to too much important information from a company which could not fit all in the single-sided business card.

If you wanted your clients or customers to know more about you and your business, surely you will choose a double-sided business card for embedding more information and details about your company business. Whenever and wherever your clients or customers wanted to reach you, they can just easily go through your double-sided business card to find out more about your business without wasting their time to calling us and ask for further questions or information.


If you want to stay simple and embed a small amount information to your business card, single-sided business card design will be right choice for you. The clear cut design will ensure you that the main or important details are highlighted so that customer can see your information directly and clearly. This design is cost-efficient and carries the same purpose which is to deliver necessary details about your business to your clients.